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ANTIQUES: 1870 Enfield percusson cap rifle, 5 straight razors, machete, hand carved wooden duck, 3 cast iron trivets for irons, 1915 hardcover Atlas of Canada, 2 cast iron kettles & #8 Dutch oven, 3 eye wash cups(blue, green, clear), gingerbread clock, gingerbread clock display case, 2 mantel clocks, 2 one-man crosscut sa,ws, antique sealer collection to include Masons 1858 (4 varieties), Chef, Whitney Mason 1858, 2 right-facing Beaver, Gem, Imperial Gem, T. Eaton & many more, curling iron, wooden trunk, small animal cage, antique sled w/ wire runners, wooden baby's sled, folding egg crate, wall-mount coffee grinder, Unico seed sower, antique coffee table w/ glass top, set 3 antique nesting tables, antique sewing stand, local hunt camp photo,

VINTAGE & COLLECTIBLE: set 4 Windsor chairs, WWII ration books, costume jewelry & ornate jewelry boxes, 6 tackle boxes full of vintage tackle, pumpkinseed lures, Heddon, Poseidon, Lucky Srike & A.L. & W. lures, some unused on cards, wooden product crates to include Canada Dry, Canadian Canners Hamilton, Victory Meats, Coleman steam iron Toronto, vintage toys to include stereo views, hand-made wooden toys, cap gun, painted wagon, Lucky Toys Police patrol car w/ orig. Box, tin tractor & wagon, Ohio Art riding toy, tin battery operated car (Japan), 2 tin friction cars (no mark), Buddy L pressed steel firetruck, Structo Hydraulic Sanitation garbage truck (exc.), farm toys to include New Holland manure spreader, Massey-Harris farm wagons, Ertl tractor & flat farm wagon, Ertl hay baler, New Holland combine, Ellwood Toys (Tilbury, Ont.) pressed steel steam shovel (exc.), 1964 Eldon racing sloop MIP, Dinky Toys BEA airplane, collection Majorette military vehicles, Tonka John Deere logging truck and skidder, child's double Muskoka chair, T. Eaton Little Queen sweeper, Spotty wooden rocking horse, handmade wooden toys, 101 Midget Washer washing machine, Wizard of Oz dolls, Mickey Mouse toy & more, advertising to include 7 UP ashtray, Peterboro yardsticks, 1937 Scout Annual, costume jewelry in box, Satsuma vase, set 4 store counter jars w/ metal lids, vintage kitchenalia to include beaters, rolling pins, sifters, enamel on cast iron egg poacher, thermometers & more, glass vases, ceramic figurines wooden shoe forms, vintage Life magazines, boating books, product tins to include coffee, lard, candy & crackers, roller skates, vintage electric fans to include Torcan, Electrohome Long Life & more, mantel clock, vintage buffet, framed prints to include Group of Seven, white/gold French Provincial bedroom suite incl. night tables, mirrored dresser, chest on chest & queen size bed, waterfall glass-front bookcase, 44 x21" metal Prestone Anti-Freeze sign, vintage albums to include Moody Blues, Elvis, vintage & antique quilts, railroad blanket, 21959 Johnson Seahorse calendars MIP, cardealership calendars, First Act electric guitar w/ hard body case, 2 mother & daughter Royal Doulton figurines, Doulton John Barleycorn character jug, corner cabinet, 5 tiffany style lamps, proof-like sets 1968-80,

INDIGENOUS: birch bark & wood fishing creel, 4 small West Coast totems, decorative hand carved & painted war club, Cree Craft handmade wooden dishes & utensils, hand embroidered doeskin tobacco pouch

ANTIQUE & VINTAGE DAIRY to include 2 steel 12 quart milk carriers, Silverwood's milk box for house, 3 Apsley Hotel creamers, 100's of Bancroft Dairy milk tops, De Laval wall match holder,

Silkscreened half pint bottles: 2 Silverwood Safe Milk, Moncrief's Dairy, Peterboro, Roselawn Toronto, Alfred Dairy, Citizen's Dairy "Milk Helps Build Great Champions", Kawartha Dairy 60th Anniversary, Lee Grills Dairy Belleville "A Healthy Habit", Listowel Dairy, Worker's Dairy,

Embossed half pint bottles: Silverwood's Safe Milk, Lakefield Dairy, Beers Dairy & City Dairy Co.

Silkscreened pint bottles: Coburg City Dairy, Mountain View Dairy Capreol, Ont., Maple Dairy Woodstock, Hunters Jersey Dairy Strathroy, Clancey's Dairy "Just the Right Flavour", Silverwood's Safe Milk, Valley City, Central Dairy Woodstock Vi-Co Chocolate, Western Dairy,

Embossed pint bottles: Campbell's Dairy Peterboro

Silkscreened quart bottles: 2 Silverwood cream toppers w/ ladles, Detwiler's, Pride of Durham County, Maple Leaf Dairy Seaforth, Lambton-Kent Dairy Wallaceburg, Riverview Dairy Caledonia, Hearn's Dairy St. Mary's, Milton Dairy, The Elm Dairy N.Y., Kincardine Dairy, Montrose Dairy Trenton & Bellevile, Hillcrest Dairy, Bateson's Dairy Wingham, Kent Dairy

Embossed quart bottles: cobalt blue Brookfield Baby Top bottle w/ raised baby faces, Silverwood's Safe Milk, Essex County Bottle Exchange, Silverwood's Safe Milk. Reid's Pasteurized Products, 3x Roberts & Sons Valley View Dairy, Wilson's Trenton & Oshawa, Roselawn Dairy, Model Dairy Toronto,

HOUSEHOLD/OUTDOORS: wooden bird house, 5 wall mirrors, fireplace screen, pr. lg. ceramic planters, pr. table lamps, castiron base table lamp, pr. end tables w/ drawers, pr. arched top mirrors, standing display case, pedestal dining table w/ 6 chairs, metal & glass coffee table, plinth, complete boxed CD sets to include Emerson Lake and Palmer The Manticore, Elton John ..To Be Continued, Pink Floyd Shine On & Rod Stewart: Storyteller


  1. Norval Morrisseau acrylic on craft paper of fish, 31 x 24" (40 x33")

  2. George Saunders 'Man With Hen' 15 1/2 x 19" ( 20 1/2 x 28 1/2), signed lower right, ink on paper

  3. Jay Bell Redbird acrylic on paper of paw print, 22 x30"

  4. poster of Norval Morrisseau exhibition in Vancouver, 14 1/2 x 23"

  5. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of chief, 22 1/2 x 30"

  6. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of dioxin , 12 x 16"

  7. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of Joker, 12 x 16"

  8. Apakark hand painted Blue Mountain Pottery vase, 10 " tall x 5 1/2"diam.

  9. W. A. Jeffrey Blue Mountain Pottery plate, 10" diameter

  10. Robert Kakegamic 1981 serigraph, 'Family Tree', 36/99, 22 x 30", 36/44

  11. Eddy Cobiness print, 'Porcupine Mother', 18 x 24", pencil signed Cobiness '79

  12. Richard Bedwash serigraph, 'Loon Catching Fish' 87/110, 25 3/4 x 19 3/4"

  13. Gary Silverberg mixed media on paper, 30 1/2 x 44"

  14. Gary Silverberg mixed media on paper, 30 1/2 x 44"

  15. Alex Currie aka Runt original acrylic on board of surprised man, 18 x14"

  16. Alex Currie aka Runt original acrylic on board of dragon, 18 x 14"

  17. Elizabeth Crammond serigraph, 'Apple Tree',

  18. Andrew Sookrah acrylic on canvas of fireworks, 23 1/2 x 35 3/4" ( 27 1/2 x 40")

  19. George Saunders framed pencil sketch 'Field' 31 x 22 1/2" ( 37 x 30")

  20. unsigned watercolour of Blue Mountain 15 1/2 x 12" 20 1/2 x 16 1/2"

  21. serigraph of abstract man's face 2/5 signed lower right, 21 x 32" (29 1/2 x 41 1/2")

  22. Daphne Odjig 8 b/w reproductions of pen & ink sketches, 13 x 10" each

21" West Coast totem pole sculpture, mixed media sculpture, moose antler, & beaverwood on pine base, signed R.Roy 23" x 17" tall x 11 1/2 d, life-sized signed metal bald eagle sculpture, signed






Earlier Event: June 30
Later Event: August 5