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SAT. June 9, 9:30 AM/ Preview 8:30


340 Mcfadden Rd. Apsley ON

ANTIQUES: decoy collection, antique tools to include saws, wooden block & finishing planes, press drill, logging saws, ice block tongs, railroad tie lifting tongs, grain scoop, pat. 1908 rope maker, hand-held scales, drawknife, tobacco cutter, 1886 Webster grinding wheel, fire hose caddies, sad irons, wagon brakes, pesticide blower, shoe lasts, Eganville broad head axe, F.H. Smith hole punch, T. Eaton sealer, pressback rocker, travel writing desk, antique wagon wheels, industrial wooden pulley wheel, decorative cast iron stove panels & Singer table base, railroad oil cans, oil bottles & spouts, fainting couch, maple washstand, yardsticks & loggers rule, dough board, art nouveau standing gas lamp, art deco cast metal table lamp, antique toy steam shovel, antique ship lanterns to include 2 Meteorite ship's lanterns, # 6769 & Not Under Command lantern, #4302, copper Metal Industries Ltd. Hamilton starboard navigation lamp Patt. 24, coal oil lamps to include buggy lamp, fairy lamp, antique desk phone, purple Farmer's Dairy bottle, lg. flour canister, horse's boot, crocks, lg. cowbell, copper kettle, kerosene car lamp & buggy lamp, Lakefield memorabilia to include Bowser kerosene pump from Shell station & Bennet kerosene pump hardware store, 2 sideboards, washing mangle, 2 Quebec folk art weathervanes to include rooster and sun & arrow, castiron spitoon, 21 x 17" stained glass panel, cast iron folk art pig doorbell, c. 1890 antique wooden firkin w/ lid New York Cedar-Ware Co, sm. pine chest, Bennington pudding basin, Gresley pudding basins, window frames


VINTAGE/COLLECTIBLES: just added! 1950-56 movie posters & lobby cards to include The Marauders, The Tresure of Ruby Hills, The Naked Hills,The Duel at Silver Creek, Trail Guide, Law of the Badlands & more, 4 1/4" Moorcroft vase, Moorcroft lamp, folk art windmill, 3 1945 ammo boxes, cattle crossing sign, Canada Dry crate, Cape Cod cranberries crate, vintage bottles to include Molson, Labatt, vintage books to include Nancy Drew, Power Boys, Hardy Boys, western books & more, melamine dishes, vintage toys to include 1950's Structo steam shovel, vintage Nylint farms truck & trailer, Doepke pressed steel bulldozer, Buddy L steam shovel, Unique Art tin Drye Gulch tractor, Tonka forklift, goose neck trailer, tin Marx U.S. Mail bi-plane, Lincoln ice delivery truck, 1960's Hino Yellow River friction truck, MIB, vintage tin Daiya Volkswagen school bus, 1950's pressed steel Ny-lint Naval Defense Missile Launcher truck, Marx zigzag train, Marx pressed steel jeep cast iron reproduction tractors to include Case & Farmall, pressed tin car, 1950's tin & plastic farm toys, vintage Meimo plastic figures, Marx suit of armor, vintage games to include Houdini Hat Full of Magic, The Visible Man, Rocket Toss, marbles, wooden log cabin dollhouse product tins to include tobacco, costume jewelry to include earrings, necklaces, etc., 1978 De Laval Centennial tray, embossed wooden tray, Shawnee Little Bo Peep pitcher, Carlton Ware gravy boat, Crown Devon pitcher, motto ware pitcher, set 3 FIre King tulip bowls, Jadeite glass, collection vaseline glass to include serving pcs., tumblers & more, vintage fishing tackle to include Hardy Fraser Economy Palkona fly rod w/ orig. soft case & aluminum tube, NIB vintage Arai bamboo fly rod in unused cond., fishing reels & lures, women's Masons memorabilia, vintage Massey-Harris poster, vintage fishing photo, pr. wall candle sconces, General Electric cast aluminum plaque (from Peterborough building), vintage metal Coke sign, wooden shoe forms, ceramic water cooler, copper water cistern, wooden plinth for sculpture, telephone table, framed sheet music, mantle clock w/ key,

MISC. brass drawer pulls & hardware, ornate electric fountain 4' tall,

ART LIST: (framed size in brackets)

1. Norval Morisseau acrylic on butcher paper of two birds & sun in frame. 34 1/4 x 23" ( 43 x 32")  to be sold with 2014 appraisal of $12,000 from  Maslak-McLoed Gallery.

  1. 2. 4 Norval Morriseau paintings on birchbark in same frame, ranging in size from 2 7/8 x 4" to 8 1/2 x 3 1/8", total frame size is 23 1/2" x 14 1/2"  to be sold with 2014 appraisal from  Maslak-McLoed Gallery.

    3. Daphne Odjig 20 3/4 x 27" ( 26 7/8 x 33 3/4") 533/250 'Western Wall Jerusalem'

    4. Don Ningewance oil on stretched canvas of eagle family on nest 47 3/8 x 36"

    5. 17 x 12 1/2" (21/4 x 203/4" Josh Kakagamic '77 of 'Fish & Loon 20/35

    6. original ink on paper Daphne Odjig 7 3/8 x 6 3/4" ( 13 1/2 x 13")

    7. Daphne Odjig original painting on pottery platter, 14 1/2" diam., Blue Mountain Pottery

    8. Daphne Odjig original painting on pottery vase, 8/ 8" tall x 5" diam., Blue Muntain Pottery

    9. Stephen Snake acrylic on board of child'sface, 23 1/2 x 17 1/4 ( 31 3/4 x 25 3/4")

    10. Gary Silverberg mixed media painting on blueprint 38 1/2" x 30 1/2" signed front and back DS /99

    11. Gary Silverberg mixed media on paper of 2 people, 'Silverberg RealEstate Ltd.' , 43 1/2 x 30 1/4"

    12. Jay Bell Redbird painting on stretched canvas over frame ' 'Moon Eagle Medicine' 2007, 30 x 24"

    13. Goyce Kakegamic serigraph 22/46 ' Moose', signed lower right. 30 x 22 1/4"

    14. Alex "Runt" Currie acrylic on board, cup of coffee, 18 x 14"

    15. Alex "Runt" Currie acrylic on board of mythical creature, 18 x 14"

    16. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of two chiefs, 22 1/2 x 30 1/4"

    17. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of a whale 12 x 15 5/8"

    18. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of a potter, 12 x 15 5/8"

    19. Richard Bedwash serigraph 10/80 'Manabush Spirit Birds', 20 x 25"

    1. 20. Richard Bedwash serigraph 138/147 'My Brothers and Me', 25 x 20"

      21. Richard Bedwash b/w serigraph 18/70 'Unity in Life', 25 1/4 x 20"

      22. Daphne Odjig black & white print of horse & sleigh, 10 x 13"

      23. Daphne Odjig black & white print of man fishing, 10 x 13"

      24. Daphne Odjig black & white print of dogsled 13 x 10"

      25. set of Norval Morrisseau limited edition prints





      Earlier Event: May 20
      Later Event: June 30