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Just added……cast iron 1880 Brunswick #5 kerosene stove, NHL collectibles to include NHL All-Star game posters 1989 & 1990, vintage Lakefield Chiefs & Kingdon Lumber Chiefs hockey sweaters, NHL coins, collectibles, Escalado game & more!

ANTIQUES: carved chair with leather seat, hanging lamp, antique butcher shop paper dispenser/shelf, fish spear, antique Medalta ceramic foot warmer, large carved folk art wooden chicken, antique pulleys, cast iron floor grates, 1920's William Campbell Co. Automatic Rapid Electric cook stove w/ inserts, 2 lightining rods, Royal sewing machine table, pressed metal tiles, child's brass bed, wooden ox yoke, small Moorcroft bowl, cast iron double lamp bracket

COLLECTIBLES: vintage signs to include light-up Budweiser sign& light up Blue Light sign (both working), neon Labatt's Blue sign (as found), No Parking sign, Provincial Hunting Area sign, standing Caution sign, dog rules sign, No Smoking sign, vintage metal Quink sign, vintage Snapper lawnmower, ceiling mount triple mirrors, vintage World's Finest red accordion (Germany) with case, 7 Arnie Brown hockey cards, vintage glass Christmas decorations, coat racks made from barnboard & antique spiles, also barnboard & ceramic insulators, vintage license plates, wooden model ship, carved wooden lamps & sculptures (Quebec) signed marcel Guay, P. E. Caron, Juby, wooden floor lamp, 2 timberjack hood ornaments Timberland Machines Ltd, Woodstock, Robert Bateman print of lynx, vintage postal scale, advertising to include Planters Peanuts store counter jar, top hat container & promotional figures, enamel & glass advertising ashtrays, oil cans to include Prestone, Nugold & Veedol, reproduction signs & posters, child's wooden rocker, lead soldiers, 1967 Shell Oil coin set, pinback buttons, collection vintage hose nozzles, glsss lamp chimneys, vintage die-cast cars to include The Saint Aston Martin, fire chief car & more, collection diecast toys MIP, collection of vintage box cameras to include Kodak Duo flex, collection tape measures, vintage flashlights, Toyal Doulton collector plates to include The Doctor, The Falconer & The Squire, Dickens cookie jar, Mountain Dry pop bottle (Brockville),banquet lamp, vintage decoys, vintage quilts to include dress quilt, satin quilt, mid-century crazy quilt, pinwheel quilt and more, pure wool blankets to include HBC 3 1/2 pelt blanket (black stripe), pr. snowshoes (Canadian Lacrosse Mfg. Inc.), pr. of molded wall plaques of horses, lg. jewellery display board, Beatles wooden babushka doll, vintage Playboy magazines, set 1987 Topps baseball cards

HOUSEHOLD: 2 sets ship's wheel bunk beds, mid-century dresser, sidetable and end table, round table & chair,

INDIGENOUS: stone sculpture, mixed media sculpture, pr. framed serigraphs by Richard Kamalatisit (1959-2008) serigraph 'Earth Maiden' 1980 and Matay-O 29/70, silk screen print 'Returning from Hunt' pencil signed by Henry Napartuk, 4 Norman Knott prints 15 1/2 x18", Norman Knott print 24 x 27" (Ellis Studio Ltd), Clemence Wescoupe pen & ink drawing of loon,

ART TO BE SOLD at 11 AM with no reserves

  1. Norval Morrisseau (1931 -2007) acrylic on canvas, untitled of shaman and loon, stretched over frame, signed in syllabics 48 1/2" x 37 1/2", (appraised value $18,000)

  2. Norval Morrisseau (1931 -2007) acrylic on kraft paper, 'Two Loons with Balance Symbols' 31 1/2 x 27 1/2" (34 x 381/2"), (appraised value $14,000)

  3. Blair de Bassige acrylic on wood table 'Father and Son' 44" square x 20 1/2" tall, signed top left and also signed on the underside October 9 /04

  4. Jacob (illegible) serpentine stone sculpture of man's head with four snakes, 14" tall x 11"wide, signed on base, 1980

  5. soapstone sculpture of a man and woman, 13 1/2"tall x 14 1/2" wide

  6. Vince Bomberry stone sculpture of man with hole in his mouth, 10 1/2"tall x 8"wide

  7. stone sculpture of bird 21" tall x 15" wide

  8. Carl Beam serigraph 23 x 30 1/2"

  9. Carl Beam mixed media 11 3/4 x 16" titled 'Sioux Camp', signed lower right

  10. Carl Beam mixed media 11 3/4 x 16" titled 'The Solar System', signed lower right

  11. Carl Beam mixed media 11 3/4 x 16" titled 'Jupiter's Moon', signed lower right

  12. Carl Beam mixed media 11 3/4 x 16" of whale & skull, signed lower right

  13. Carl Beam mixed media 11 3/4 x 16" titled 'American Bison' signed lower right

  14. Richard Bedwash (1937- ) acrylic on paper of fish, 1998, 30 3/4 x 22 1/4"

  15. Richard Bedwash serigraph on paper, 'Loon Catching Fish' 33/110, 26 x 20"

  16. Richard Bedwash serigraph on paper 'My Brothers and Me', 131/147 26 x 20"

  17. Richard Bedwash serigraph 'Artist Entering the Shaking Tent' 43/98 , 20 x26"

  18. Jay Bell Redbird (1966 - ) acrylic on canvas stretched over frame, 'Mother Earth' 2016 30 x 24"

  19. Jay Bell Redbird (1966 - ) acrylic on canvas stretched over frame, 'Leadership Together' 24 x 30"

  20. Jay Bell Redbird (1966 - ) acrylic on canvas stretched over frame, Leadership', 2016, 20 x 20"

  21. Jay Bell Redbird (1966 - ) acrylic on paper of 3 wolves, titled 'Pathfinders' 2016, 30 x 22"

  22. Russell Noganosh (1956- ) acrylic on canvas stretched over frame, 'Thunderbird Women's Visitors', signed on front in English & syllabics, signed and titled on back Russell Moses 60 x 48"

  23. Gary Silverberg mixed media on paper of man in suit & yellow tie, untitled c. 1999, 25 x 36"

  24. Gary Silverberg mixed media on paper titled 'The New Age of Business', 22 1/2 x 30 1/4"

  25. Richard Bedwash serigraph, 'A Mother's Love', 20 x 26"

  26. unsigned large carved granite stone bust, found at Lake Rosseau, 22" tall x 13"deep

  27. unsigned large carved granite stone head , found at Lake Rosseau, 13" tall x 14" deep

  28. unisgned felt applique & embroidery of 2 polar bears, 22 x 15", framed size

  29. J. Simon painting of dancing wolf, 1975, 26 x 43 3/4" (as found)


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Art to sell at 11AM

ANTIQUES: 19 x 26 1/2" linen map of the Magdalen Islands, (most recent date on map is 1910), old reproduction of 1755 map of Canada (framed on burlap), 1755 Ross Rifle Co. Ceremonial bayonet with sheath (pat. 1907), Ozo 5 gallon pickle crock, wooden secret ballot box, broad head axe, cane seat bench, 20" cast iron hotel daschund boot scrape,

COLLECTIBLES: jJUST ADDED: series of 9 x 11" black and white photos of early Arctic life  (produced by the National Museum of Canada, antique & vintage postcard collection to include Buckhorn, Belleville, trams, trains, ships, greeting cards, war damage cards, San Francisco 1908 fire damage, early postcards of American Indigenous tribes, Cherrelyn horse car, CPR engines & many more, carving of raven by Paul Lavalle, vintage ornate bird cage, antique bird trap, toys to include wind-up clown on bicycle, large Arnold Toys Scottie dog w/ key, wind-up Santa Claus with ringing bell, wind-up drumming rabbit, friction duck and puzzle cat both with original boxes, wind-up cat with maracas, Vulcan Junior sewing machine, Ty beanie babies - 20 tagged & 3 Mcdonalds issue MIP, Husky Lesney vehicles to include Evening News van, Tonka US Postal jeep bank, WWII issue bear paw snowshoes (made in England by Goodearl Bros.), pr. Chestnut Canoe Co. trapper's snowshoes (exc.), trapper's snowshoes, metal advertising signs to include 37 x 33" enamel 7UP sign, Delaval sign, Coke sign, Route 4 sign, Castrol GTX, Castrol, 36 x 24" restored Neison Dairy sign (1930's), Toronto Peterborough Transport sign, early pr. framed Michigan Tuberculosis Association posters 'Eat for Health' & 'Water for Health', 1986 porcelain Fire Chief sign (USA), 16 x 20" metal flange 1930's Arctic Ice Cream sign, Pepsi sign, Authorized Vehicles Only sign, original Spring and Summer 1947 Eaton's catalogue, vitage hood ornaments, pr. red metal outdoor benches, pr.silver candlesticks, wood carvings & carved lamps from Quebec to include Gaston Turcotte, Georges Beauregard & more, pr. Gerzit figural steins, wood carvng on copper plaque (Quebec), small winter landscape signed Ven Kay, 30+ 1960'S vintage posters to include pin-ups, outdoor life, children, animals & more, jewelry to include silver rings, gold ring w/ sapphires, NHL collectibles to include Ed Oatman hockey card, 50+ original b/w 8 x10" NHL press photos & Upper Deck original photos, to include Sid Abel, Ted Lindsay, Andy Vanhellermond arguing with referee, Jim Schoenfeld, Dennis Hextall, Nick Libbett, Dave Babich and many more, 25+ vintage 12 cents comics, collection of wartime cigarette packs, framed vintage print of hunting dogs by Eugene Petit, four pelt Trapper Point blanket, vintage drinks tray, cast aluminum weathervane, vintage Challenger sled, pr. cast iron bunnies (5" tall), Canadian coins to include silver dollars from 1939, 1949, 1953, 1959, 1960,1961(2), 1963, 1967(2), 1974-78, 1980, 1984, 1987, 50 cent pieces to include Newfoundland 1909 and Canadian 1918, 1929, 1937, 1939, 1944, 1952, 1959, 1963 – 67, double dollar sets to include 1967,1978, 1979, 1981,1999 & 2002, also 10 uncirculated $1 bills & 10 sequential $2 dollar bills, 2 cast iron doorstops - rooster and cat, Indigenous art to include silk screen prints on burlap, 7 Kuutsiq arctic scenes, applique & embroidery on burlap signed JJ, 4 1960's prints by Gabriel Gely, Baker Lake, NWT

OUTDOORS: fishing rod and tackle, Trailhead 4 bike carrier NIB,



All four original paintings by Norval Morrisseau will be sold with their appraisals from Joe Mcloed, owner of the Maslak- Mcloed Gallery. Until his death in 2017, he was considered to be the world's foremost expert on Morrisseau's works.


  1. Norval Morrisseau (Copper Thunderbird) acrylic on canvas self portrait, 'Thunderbird' 1988, stretched over frame, 83 x 48", signed in syllabics, lower left (appraised value $ 25,000.)


  1. Norval Morrisseau acrylic on canvas untitled of Shaman and Loon, stretched over frame, c. 1980's, signed in syllabics 48 1/2" x 37 1/2" (appraised value $ 18,000)

  2. Norval Morrisseau acrylic on kraft paper of two birds, c. 1965, 31 1/2 x 27 1/2" (34 x 381/2"), (appraised value $ 14,000.)


  3. Norval Morrisseau acrylic on craft paper of blue, red and yellow birds, c. 1970's, 23 x 23", (25 x 25" with frame) (appraised value $ 7,000)

  4. Richard Bedwash acrylic on paper of spirit bear, untitled, signed lower right in syllabics and English, 30 1/2 x 22 1/4"


  5. Richard Bedwash limited edtion silk screen print 'Artist Entering the Shaking Tent', unframed, 19 1/2 x 25"


  6. Richard Bedwash limited edtion silk screen print 'My Brothers and Me', unframed, 25 x 19"


  7. Richard Bedwash limited edtion silk screen print 'Unity in Life', unframed, 25 x 19"


  8. Goyce Kakegamic limited edition silk screen print 'Shaking the Tent', 96/98, 20 x 26", 1981



  9. Josh Kakegamic limited edition serigraph, 'Learning the Trade' 15 x 22 1/4", 38/93, unframed, pencil signed lower right 1979



  1. Linus Woods mixed media on paper, 15 x 20" of two bison, unframed, signed lower left 'Linus '98



  1. Jay Bell Redbird acryic on paper of three eagles, unframed, 30 x 22 1/2", signed lower left


  2. Jay Bell Redbird acryic on paper of three hummingbirds , unframed, 30 x 22 1/2", signed lower right


  3. Jay Bell Redbird acryic on paper of geese and power symbols, unframed, 40 x 26", signed lower left


  4. Leland Bell serigraph "Four Grandfathers", 22 1/4 x 30", signed lower right, Artist's Proof


  5. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of whale, 23 x 30 1/2", pencil signed lower right.


  6. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of the sun, 12 x16"

  7. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of eagle, 12 x16"

  8. Ann Beam mixed media on paper of girl performing martial arts, 12 x 16"

  9. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of child, 12 x16"

More to come! Check www.apsleyauctions.com for updates


Wally James/Auctioneer (705)656-9467

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(art detailed below to sell at 11 AM)

ANTIQUES: antique wall cupboard, 5 tier barrister's bookcase with glass doors, harvest table, set 6 hoop backed chairs, kerosene parlour lamp, 6 drawer tiger maple dresser, corner sofa, wooden butter bowl, vintage and antique decoys, red wool blanket, 7 quilts, antique ribbon doll, antique fire fighter's helmet, Lakefield Police Dept. coal oil lantern w/ red shade, dice game, 4 wrought iron ice cream chairs w/ table(Milton, ON), handmade wooden pails, brass jelly pail, antique tobacco cutter, selection wrought iron floor grates, riding crop, oak icebox, logger's tongs,

VINTAGE: cupboard from travelling school train, largestorage cupboard w/ arched doors, collection large wooden carvings (Quebec), Imperial Tobacco hockey card 1911 Ed Oatman card #5 vintage 1956 movie posters to include 1984 poster, A Tale of Two Cities poster and The Yearling poster, 6" Moorcroft vase, military hat badges to include Royal Canadian Army Cadets, RCAC, RCASC, Goebel figurines, Canadian nickel dollars, proof-like sets and commemorative dollars 1979-82, 1992 commemorative quarters sets, railway cutlery to include CN, CPR & New York Raiway, Beswick horse, birch bark moose call, child's beaded buck skin outfit, silver tray designed by Clarence Wells (Haida), glass sculpture, folk art metal rooster sculpture, vintage die-cut ice cream signs, pr. post-war Harley-Davidson Softail gas tanks (as found), decoy collection, framed 1984 print of biplane and pilot by Larry Martin, framed portrait print of Paul McCartney, framed vintage b/w photograph of canoeist 18 1/4 x 14 1/2" (24 1/2 x 21"), tin donkey cigarette dispenser, reproduction 1927 Shell anvil, lg. bread tin, product tins to include Peanuts, York frozen blueberries, vintage toys to include antique & vintage game boards w/ playing pieces to include crokinole, bagatelle, chinese checkers & cribbage, 21" Wyandotte estate car, 70+ Britain's lead soldiers, Hubley cast iron truck, large collection Hot Wheels Classics cars, all MIP, bat. op.. Canadian Tire trucks Happy Families card games, vintage teen magazines, 30+ vintage 12 cent comics to include The Monkees, Bewitched, Three Stooges, 13 Going on 18 & more, Coke cooler, collectible Coke cans & Coke sign, Pure Spring advertising, tackle box w/ vintage tackle, original gas station collectibles to include Shell, CAA badge, patches, vintage Dodge Brothers car badge, Doge patch, costume jewelry to include men's & ladies' rings, 3 jewelery boxes full of jewelry, local photo collection, set Curve Lake history books, 32 volume set of Canadiana vooks, 3 volume set of 'Picture Gallery of Canadian History', the following books are all in exc. condiiton and signed by the author: 'Company of Adventurers' & 'Caesar's Winderness by Peter C. Newman, 'The Stone Carvers' by Jane Urquhart, "Bonfie of the Vanities' by Tom Wolfe & 'A Journey' by Tony Blair, copper bug sprayer, Skram-Bug sprayer, hand carved & painted hollow body duck & smaller loon both signed 'Davis', set 4 Pyrex mixing bowls, Typhoon electric guitar & Oscar Schmidt electric guitar, uncut sheets of collector cards to include RCMP, Deathwatch 2000 & vintage baseball reprint cards, risque match collection, Rambler Fleet Sales letters w/ coins of the world, folding knife collection, copper bug sprayer, Skram-Bug sprayer, Coleman lantern, vintage hood ornaments,

HOUSEHOLD/OUTDOORS: 3 rectangular mirrors all gilt framed sizes 36 x 48" , 39 x 28" & 19 x 22", like-new 66" Panansonic flat screen tv



  1. Norval Morrisseau acrylic on canvas of man & four women, 48 3/4 X 22 1/2", signed on back

  2. Norval Morrisseau acrylic on craft paper of blue, red and yellow birds. 23 x 23", (25 x 25")

  3. Norval Morrisseau acrylic on canvas of dragonflies, 14 x 19", (15 3/4 x 21")

  4. Clifford Maracle acrylic on board of nude, 'After the Bath", 17 x 25", signed lower left 'MARACLE'

  5. Richard Bedwash acrylic on paper of two birds , 'Loon Family' 24 x 21" ( 31 x 27 3/4")

  6. Jane Ash Poitras print of b/w pen & ink drawing of chief with horse, 4 x 8" ( 10 x 14")

  7. Jane Ash Poitras print of b/w pen & ink drawing of travelling family, 10 x 7"( 17 x 14")

  8. Saul Williams serigraph, 'Bear on Drum', 24 x 19 1/4"

  9. Peter Ragee pencil & felt tip on paper of seal hunter with harpoon, signed lower right, Peter Ragee November '97 Cape Dorset, 14 1/2 x 21" (18 3/4 x 25 1/4")

  10. Anthony Veccio (1949- ) oil on canvas of horse race, 24 3/4 x19 1/2", (27 3/4 x 24")

  11. Alex Currie aka Runt original acrylic on board of 2 people , 18 x 14"

  12. Alex Currie aka Runt original acrylic on board of bird, 18 x14"

  13. Jane Ash Poitras print of four chiefs, 11 x 8 1/2", (17 x 14 ')

  14. Jane Ash Poitras lithograph, 'Blanket Culture' 11 x 17"

  15. Dee Martin hand made vase, marked on base "Dee Martin Kanyengeh Pottery, Six nations Reserve", 7 1/2" tall x 4" diam.

  16. Dee Martin hand made vase, signed with feather on base, 6 1/4" tall x 4 3/4" diam

  17. Josh Kakegamic serigraph 'Two Lovers' 1977, edition 21/84, image size 19 x 13", framed(25 1/4 x 19 1/2").

  18. Richard Bedwash serigraph 'My Brothers and Me', edition 125/147, 26 x 20", signed in pencil, lower right.

  19. Richard Bedwash serigraph 'A Mother's Love' 125/147, 20 x 26"

  20. Richard Bedwash serigraph 'Artist Entering the Shaking Tent' 125/147, 20 x 26"

  21. 2 Daphne Odjig reproductions of pen & ink sketches, 10 x 13"

  22. unsigned Inuit painting on carved wood, 12 x 13"

  23. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of man and residiential school, 22 1/2 x 30"

  24. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of the sun, 12 x16"

  25. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of eagle, 12 x16"

  26. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of child, 12 x16"

  27. Ann Beam mixed media on paper of girl performing martial arts, 12 x16"

  28. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of bald eagle, 12 x16"

  29. Eddy Cobiness serigraph, 'The Weasel' 4/100, pencil signed lower right E. Cobiness '79 , 18 x 24"

    also lg. framed 1984 print of biplane and pilot by Larry Martin, framed portrait print of Paul McArtney, framed vintage b/w photograph of canoeist 18 1/4 x 14 1/2" (24 1/2 x 21"), 4 Inuit stone sculptures


  30. carved and painted stylized loon signed Lalkawilas Harris Smith, approx. 12" length

  31. stone sculpture of walrus, signed in script

  32. Norman Knott serigraph 'Legend of the Birch' 8/200, pencil signed lower left

  33. painting of face signed VEDOVA

  34. metal sculpture signed A Neilson

  35. Jay Bell Redbird acrylic on paper of spirit bird, 22 x30"

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ANTIQUES: 1870 Enfield percusson cap rifle, 5 straight razors, machete, hand carved wooden duck, 3 cast iron trivets for irons, 1915 hardcover Atlas of Canada, 2 cast iron kettles & #8 Dutch oven, 3 eye wash cups(blue, green, clear), gingerbread clock, gingerbread clock display case, 2 mantel clocks, 2 one-man crosscut sa,ws, antique sealer collection to include Masons 1858 (4 varieties), Chef, Whitney Mason 1858, 2 right-facing Beaver, Gem, Imperial Gem, T. Eaton & many more, curling iron, wooden trunk, small animal cage, antique sled w/ wire runners, wooden baby's sled, folding egg crate, wall-mount coffee grinder, Unico seed sower, antique coffee table w/ glass top, set 3 antique nesting tables, antique sewing stand, local hunt camp photo,

VINTAGE & COLLECTIBLE: set 4 Windsor chairs, WWII ration books, costume jewelry & ornate jewelry boxes, 6 tackle boxes full of vintage tackle, pumpkinseed lures, Heddon, Poseidon, Lucky Srike & A.L. & W. lures, some unused on cards, wooden product crates to include Canada Dry, Canadian Canners Hamilton, Victory Meats, Coleman steam iron Toronto, vintage toys to include stereo views, hand-made wooden toys, cap gun, painted wagon, Lucky Toys Police patrol car w/ orig. Box, tin tractor & wagon, Ohio Art riding toy, tin battery operated car (Japan), 2 tin friction cars (no mark), Buddy L pressed steel firetruck, Structo Hydraulic Sanitation garbage truck (exc.), farm toys to include New Holland manure spreader, Massey-Harris farm wagons, Ertl tractor & flat farm wagon, Ertl hay baler, New Holland combine, Ellwood Toys (Tilbury, Ont.) pressed steel steam shovel (exc.), 1964 Eldon racing sloop MIP, Dinky Toys BEA airplane, collection Majorette military vehicles, Tonka John Deere logging truck and skidder, child's double Muskoka chair, T. Eaton Little Queen sweeper, Spotty wooden rocking horse, handmade wooden toys, 101 Midget Washer washing machine, Wizard of Oz dolls, Mickey Mouse toy & more, advertising to include 7 UP ashtray, Peterboro yardsticks, 1937 Scout Annual, costume jewelry in box, Satsuma vase, set 4 store counter jars w/ metal lids, vintage kitchenalia to include beaters, rolling pins, sifters, enamel on cast iron egg poacher, thermometers & more, glass vases, ceramic figurines wooden shoe forms, vintage Life magazines, boating books, product tins to include coffee, lard, candy & crackers, roller skates, vintage electric fans to include Torcan, Electrohome Long Life & more, mantel clock, vintage buffet, framed prints to include Group of Seven, white/gold French Provincial bedroom suite incl. night tables, mirrored dresser, chest on chest & queen size bed, waterfall glass-front bookcase, 44 x21" metal Prestone Anti-Freeze sign, vintage albums to include Moody Blues, Elvis, vintage & antique quilts, railroad blanket, 21959 Johnson Seahorse calendars MIP, cardealership calendars, First Act electric guitar w/ hard body case, 2 mother & daughter Royal Doulton figurines, Doulton John Barleycorn character jug, corner cabinet, 5 tiffany style lamps, proof-like sets 1968-80,

INDIGENOUS: birch bark & wood fishing creel, 4 small West Coast totems, decorative hand carved & painted war club, Cree Craft handmade wooden dishes & utensils, hand embroidered doeskin tobacco pouch

ANTIQUE & VINTAGE DAIRY to include 2 steel 12 quart milk carriers, Silverwood's milk box for house, 3 Apsley Hotel creamers, 100's of Bancroft Dairy milk tops, De Laval wall match holder,

Silkscreened half pint bottles: 2 Silverwood Safe Milk, Moncrief's Dairy, Peterboro, Roselawn Toronto, Alfred Dairy, Citizen's Dairy "Milk Helps Build Great Champions", Kawartha Dairy 60th Anniversary, Lee Grills Dairy Belleville "A Healthy Habit", Listowel Dairy, Worker's Dairy,

Embossed half pint bottles: Silverwood's Safe Milk, Lakefield Dairy, Beers Dairy & City Dairy Co.

Silkscreened pint bottles: Coburg City Dairy, Mountain View Dairy Capreol, Ont., Maple Dairy Woodstock, Hunters Jersey Dairy Strathroy, Clancey's Dairy "Just the Right Flavour", Silverwood's Safe Milk, Valley City, Central Dairy Woodstock Vi-Co Chocolate, Western Dairy,

Embossed pint bottles: Campbell's Dairy Peterboro

Silkscreened quart bottles: 2 Silverwood cream toppers w/ ladles, Detwiler's, Pride of Durham County, Maple Leaf Dairy Seaforth, Lambton-Kent Dairy Wallaceburg, Riverview Dairy Caledonia, Hearn's Dairy St. Mary's, Milton Dairy, The Elm Dairy N.Y., Kincardine Dairy, Montrose Dairy Trenton & Bellevile, Hillcrest Dairy, Bateson's Dairy Wingham, Kent Dairy

Embossed quart bottles: cobalt blue Brookfield Baby Top bottle w/ raised baby faces, Silverwood's Safe Milk, Essex County Bottle Exchange, Silverwood's Safe Milk. Reid's Pasteurized Products, 3x Roberts & Sons Valley View Dairy, Wilson's Trenton & Oshawa, Roselawn Dairy, Model Dairy Toronto,

HOUSEHOLD/OUTDOORS: wooden bird house, 5 wall mirrors, fireplace screen, pr. lg. ceramic planters, pr. table lamps, castiron base table lamp, pr. end tables w/ drawers, pr. arched top mirrors, standing display case, pedestal dining table w/ 6 chairs, metal & glass coffee table, plinth, complete boxed CD sets to include Emerson Lake and Palmer The Manticore, Elton John ..To Be Continued, Pink Floyd Shine On & Rod Stewart: Storyteller


  1. Norval Morrisseau acrylic on craft paper of fish, 31 x 24" (40 x33")

  2. George Saunders 'Man With Hen' 15 1/2 x 19" ( 20 1/2 x 28 1/2), signed lower right, ink on paper

  3. Jay Bell Redbird acrylic on paper of paw print, 22 x30"

  4. poster of Norval Morrisseau exhibition in Vancouver, 14 1/2 x 23"

  5. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of chief, 22 1/2 x 30"

  6. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of dioxin , 12 x 16"

  7. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of Joker, 12 x 16"

  8. Apakark hand painted Blue Mountain Pottery vase, 10 " tall x 5 1/2"diam.

  9. W. A. Jeffrey Blue Mountain Pottery plate, 10" diameter

  10. Robert Kakegamic 1981 serigraph, 'Family Tree', 36/99, 22 x 30", 36/44

  11. Eddy Cobiness print, 'Porcupine Mother', 18 x 24", pencil signed Cobiness '79

  12. Richard Bedwash serigraph, 'Loon Catching Fish' 87/110, 25 3/4 x 19 3/4"

  13. Gary Silverberg mixed media on paper, 30 1/2 x 44"

  14. Gary Silverberg mixed media on paper, 30 1/2 x 44"

  15. Alex Currie aka Runt original acrylic on board of surprised man, 18 x14"

  16. Alex Currie aka Runt original acrylic on board of dragon, 18 x 14"

  17. Elizabeth Crammond serigraph, 'Apple Tree',

  18. Andrew Sookrah acrylic on canvas of fireworks, 23 1/2 x 35 3/4" ( 27 1/2 x 40")

  19. George Saunders framed pencil sketch 'Field' 31 x 22 1/2" ( 37 x 30")

  20. unsigned watercolour of Blue Mountain 15 1/2 x 12" 20 1/2 x 16 1/2"

  21. serigraph of abstract man's face 2/5 signed lower right, 21 x 32" (29 1/2 x 41 1/2")

  22. Daphne Odjig 8 b/w reproductions of pen & ink sketches, 13 x 10" each

21" West Coast totem pole sculpture, mixed media sculpture, moose antler, & beaverwood on pine base, signed R.Roy 23" x 17" tall x 11 1/2 d, life-sized signed metal bald eagle sculpture, signed






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9:30 AM09:30


This sale is largely made up of the many collections of the late Ken Hilker, a life-long resident of Apsley and avid collector.


BOATS: 1956 16 ft. Lakecraft cedar strip runabout with rare 1957 Johnson 18 h.p. outboard motor w/ electric start & electric choke, completely restored in excellent condition & running order to be sold with trailer. It comes with a pleasure craft license, navigation lights bow & stern and traiier ownership. (This boat was purchased by the current owner in 2011 & has been stored inside each winter. Hull has been covered with a west system), other boats include 17 ft. York River fiberglass canoe, cedar strip kayak w/ paddle, molded kayak w/ skirt, 2 ballasts & paddle, vintage waterskis,

ANTIQUES: pine dressmaker's table, dentist's chair, collection antique crocks to include Belleville, Medalta, Bay of Quinte, G B & C London, Northern Electric wall phone (complete), pressback rocker, parlour table, DeLaval match holder & milk can, 4 wind-up gramophones (all in working order) to include Columbia Granfonola, Pathe Freres Phongraph Co., Premier 3 wicker plant stands, collection of 30+ coal oil lamps to include CPR railroad lamp w/ amber shade, Aladdin lamps to include pr. drape & swag lamps w/ paper shades, Alladin model #95 w/ glass shade, Alladin #3 & #13 w/ glass shades & chimneys, also 2 model B bases w/ burners & #9 base, burner & chimney, boxlot Alladin wicks & parts, Alladin chimney NIB, 4 composite coal oil lamps, antique decoys to include 2 black & white hollow bodies, hand carved duck signed Mac Wilson, paper decoy, oak ice box, hoosier cabinet, 2 ice saws, collection of wolf traps to include Newhouse, 2 broad head axes, folding egg crate, collection antique fishing tackle, 2 antique piano stools (1 w/ cast iron legs, 1 w/ ball & claw feet), wooden high chair w/ barley twist details, primitive pine drying rack, 6 strings skeleton keys, collection butter paddles, sad irons & trivets, 2 broad head axes, 1 double headed axe, antique store bells, school bell, horse bells, goat bell, 2 washboards, Doyle loggers rule, bed warmer pig, cast iron apple peeler, cast iron cherry pitter, table model spinning wheel, hand-forged traps to include Newhouse #14 wolf trap, wolf trap #1 T.R. 4504 square plate traps (unmarked), 8 assorted bullet molds, small trap w/#1 punched into plate, porcelain woodstove burner covers, ITE metal advertising plates,

VINTAGE/COLLECTIBLES: pr. 3 1/2 pelt Hudson Bay blankets, Apsley Taxi dome light, 1921 accounts book from Windsor's store in Apsley, complete with A-Z directory of names and 250+ pages of shopping/payment records. 1951 Apsley Hockey League Champions patch, Apsley advertising to include McCormack's GMC 1953 calendar/thermometer, Brown & Son 1941 calendar, Apsley Motors calendar, 1963 Stephens & McDonald / Johnson Outboard calendar, Peebles Dominion Hardware 1973, 1974 & 1976 calendars, hockey memorabilia to include signed 5 x 7" photo of Syl Apse, 1931 Leafs promotion, 1954 steel phone from Maple Leaf Gardens, 1940's Maple Leaf Gardens programmes to include Leafs vs. Canadiens March 25, 1944 & Ice Follies, 1945-6 Belleville Junior Hockey Club Official Program, 1947 Campbellford hockey program, also Belleville Junior Hockey programs c. 1940's, Belleville school sports patches 1938-41, NHL cards to include Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Jacques Plante, Michel Larocque rookie card & more, Mobil & Shell oil bottles, 5 Tiffany style table lamps, vintage toys to include steel firetruck, steam shovel & friction cars, xylophone toy w/ glass tubes, 2 spinning tops, 1964 GI Joe, antique & vintage clocks to include gingerbread clock, vintage advertising to include WWII 1943 John Falter US Navy poster. 40" x 30", early Canadian Pacific reprint. 28.5" x 42" framed. Actual print is 23.5" x 36".( Posterity Graphics Gallery Toronto.), Export A chalkboard, metal Canada Dry sign, metal John Collins sign, N.H. Wilson Lumber sign, 'No Hunting' sign, 200+ Wade figurines, vintage radio, folkart whirlygig, pocket knives, bleed knife, fountain pens, product tins to include flat fifties, Anacin, cigar boxes, bottle openers, advertising ashtrays to include Molson's, Dominion, Porter, Labatts, Canada Bud, Carling Red Cap, O'keefe Old Stock, Medalta water pitcher, Big Ben & Baby Ben clocks, wicker stool, child's wheelbarrow, laundry hamper, coffee table, tobacco stand, depression glass to include 10 bubble glass teacups & saucers, crystal to include 10 tumblers & assorted pcs., lg. Beatles comb, 3 Robin Hood flour bags, vintage skinning knives, model skeleton from University of Toronto, woven Indigenous basket, 1906 Gull Lake Hunt Camp photo,

HOUSEHOLD/MISC/OUTDOORS: wrought iron garden furniture to include bench, table & 2 chairs & single chair, complete patio set (table, 4 chairs, umbrella), pr. wooden Muskoka chairs, painter's ladder, new electric kettle, Yamaha PSR-12 electric keyboard,

ART: ART LIST width x height (framed size in brackets)

  1. Norval Morrisseau acrylic on paper 'Tunderbird and Balance Symbols' c. 1965. 46 x 36" (52 x 42") to be sold with 2014 appraisal of $15,000 from Maslak-McLoed Gallery

  2. Norval Morrisseau 6 acrylic & pen paintings on birchbark, framed together, individual works measure from 2 x 4 to 5 x 8 1/2 framed together with 6 individual appraisals(ranging from $1,000-$1500 each) total framed size 24 x 21"J

  3. Trottier original abstract tryptic painting, signed lower left, 38" x 12 3/4"

  4. Dubravko Raos original oil on canvas of Inuit mother with children, signed lower right, 15 3/4 x 19 1/2" (22 1/2 x 26 1/2")

  5. Mark Anthony Jacobson original painting of wolf and fish, signed lower right, Jacobson '98, 29 x 21" (40 1/2 x 33")

  6. Josh Kakegamic serigraph 'Moose plus Sleigh' 37/45 signed lower right Josh Kakegamic '75 , measures 29 1/2 x 21 1/2" (31 1/2 x 23 1/2")

  7. Josh Kakegamic original acrylic on paper of three owls, mounted on board, 22 x 27 1/2"

  8. Jane Ash Poitras pen & ink of two hooded men, b/w 10 x 8 1/2" (16 1/2 x 14")

  9. Randy Knott hand painted drum of two birds in flight, 12 3/4" diameter

  10. Alex "Runt" Currie acrylic on board of bird with blue feathers 18 x 14"

  11. Alex "Runt" Currie acrylic on board of fish(?)with large open mouth 18 x 14"

  12. Alex "Runt" Currie acrylic on board of birds 18 x 14"

  13. Alex "Runt" Currie acrylic on board of big fish eating smaller fish 18 x 14"

  14. E. Beck acrylic on board of Mennonite church, 15 1/2 x 11 1/2" (22 x 18)

  15. Carl Beam mixed media on paper, signed lower right 22 1/2 x 30"

  16. Carl Beam mixed media on paper 'Eagle Child' 12 x 15", pencil signed lower right

  17. Carl Beam mixed media on paper 'Studies in the Motherline' 12 x 15", pencil signed lower right.

  18. Carl Beam mixed media on paper 'How to Read the Lines of the Hand' 12 x 15", pencil signed lower right.

  19. Carl Beam mixed media on paper 'The Potter' 12 x 15", pencil signed lower right.

  20. Ian Baxter acrylic & mixed media on paper 'Shooter's Landscape' 29 3/4 x 21 1/2"

  21. Ian Baxter acrylic and mixed media on paper 'Aroused Landscape', 30 x 22 1/2"

  22. Jay Bell Redbird acrylic on paper of turtle 'Pure Beautiful' 30 x 22"

  23. Richard Bedwash serigraph 30/80 'A Mother's Love' 20 x 24 3/4", pencil signed lower right

  24. Richard Bedwash serigraph 73/130 'Carring My Brother' 20 x 24 3/4" pencil signed lower right

  25. Richard Bedwash b/w serigraph 41/70 'Unity in Life' 20 x 24 3/4" pencil signed lower right

  26. Richard Bedwash acrylic on paper of birds on a branch, untitled 30 1/2 x 22 1/4"

  27. Gary Silverberg mixed media on paper of man in blue suit, 36 x 25"

  28. poster of Norval Morrisseau exhibition in Vancouver, 14 1/2 x 23"

  29. poster of Norval Morrisseau exhibition in Winnipeg, March 18, 1979, 22 x 34 1/2"

  30. Daphne Odjig b/w print of pen & ink drawing of smiling man 10 x 13"

  31. Daphne Odjig b/w print of pen & ink drawing of dogs ar rest 10 x 13"

  32. Daphne Odjig b/w print of pen & ink drawing boat at the dock, 10 x 13"

  33. Daphne Odjig b/w print of pen & ink drawing of tanning a hide, 10 x 13"

  34. Daphne Odjig b/w print of pen & ink drawing of a horse at the blockhouse 10 x 13"

  35. Daphne Odjig b/w print of pen & ink drawing boats in the harbour 10 x 13",

  36. Norman Knott acrylic on board, 'Shaman', framed size 20" x 25"

  37. Norman Knott acrylic on board, 'Midnight Moon', frmaed size 20" x 19.5"

  38. Benjamin Chee Chee "Learning" Lithograph. 1985. 19" x 24"

  39. Benjamin Chee Chee "Good Morning" lithograph. 1974. 19" x 24". (some water damage)

  40. Curtis Kittie Kaywinnie 10" x 12.5" lithograph 455/600 2000

  41. Curtis Kittie Kaywinnie lithograph of b/w drawing 9" x 12".

  42. Johnny Marceland acrylic on paper, 11"x15" 1988

also 2 hand carved painted wooden masks, glass sculpture, Ivory Coast sculpture,



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9:30 AM09:30



SAT. June 9, 9:30 AM/ Preview 8:30


340 Mcfadden Rd. Apsley ON

ANTIQUES: decoy collection, antique tools to include saws, wooden block & finishing planes, press drill, logging saws, ice block tongs, railroad tie lifting tongs, grain scoop, pat. 1908 rope maker, hand-held scales, drawknife, tobacco cutter, 1886 Webster grinding wheel, fire hose caddies, sad irons, wagon brakes, pesticide blower, shoe lasts, Eganville broad head axe, F.H. Smith hole punch, T. Eaton sealer, pressback rocker, travel writing desk, antique wagon wheels, industrial wooden pulley wheel, decorative cast iron stove panels & Singer table base, railroad oil cans, oil bottles & spouts, fainting couch, maple washstand, yardsticks & loggers rule, dough board, art nouveau standing gas lamp, art deco cast metal table lamp, antique toy steam shovel, antique ship lanterns to include 2 Meteorite ship's lanterns, # 6769 & Not Under Command lantern, #4302, copper Metal Industries Ltd. Hamilton starboard navigation lamp Patt. 24, coal oil lamps to include buggy lamp, fairy lamp, antique desk phone, purple Farmer's Dairy bottle, lg. flour canister, horse's boot, crocks, lg. cowbell, copper kettle, kerosene car lamp & buggy lamp, Lakefield memorabilia to include Bowser kerosene pump from Shell station & Bennet kerosene pump hardware store, 2 sideboards, washing mangle, 2 Quebec folk art weathervanes to include rooster and sun & arrow, castiron spitoon, 21 x 17" stained glass panel, cast iron folk art pig doorbell, c. 1890 antique wooden firkin w/ lid New York Cedar-Ware Co, sm. pine chest, Bennington pudding basin, Gresley pudding basins, window frames


VINTAGE/COLLECTIBLES: just added! 1950-56 movie posters & lobby cards to include The Marauders, The Tresure of Ruby Hills, The Naked Hills,The Duel at Silver Creek, Trail Guide, Law of the Badlands & more, 4 1/4" Moorcroft vase, Moorcroft lamp, folk art windmill, 3 1945 ammo boxes, cattle crossing sign, Canada Dry crate, Cape Cod cranberries crate, vintage bottles to include Molson, Labatt, vintage books to include Nancy Drew, Power Boys, Hardy Boys, western books & more, melamine dishes, vintage toys to include 1950's Structo steam shovel, vintage Nylint farms truck & trailer, Doepke pressed steel bulldozer, Buddy L steam shovel, Unique Art tin Drye Gulch tractor, Tonka forklift, goose neck trailer, tin Marx U.S. Mail bi-plane, Lincoln ice delivery truck, 1960's Hino Yellow River friction truck, MIB, vintage tin Daiya Volkswagen school bus, 1950's pressed steel Ny-lint Naval Defense Missile Launcher truck, Marx zigzag train, Marx pressed steel jeep cast iron reproduction tractors to include Case & Farmall, pressed tin car, 1950's tin & plastic farm toys, vintage Meimo plastic figures, Marx suit of armor, vintage games to include Houdini Hat Full of Magic, The Visible Man, Rocket Toss, marbles, wooden log cabin dollhouse product tins to include tobacco, costume jewelry to include earrings, necklaces, etc., 1978 De Laval Centennial tray, embossed wooden tray, Shawnee Little Bo Peep pitcher, Carlton Ware gravy boat, Crown Devon pitcher, motto ware pitcher, set 3 FIre King tulip bowls, Jadeite glass, collection vaseline glass to include serving pcs., tumblers & more, vintage fishing tackle to include Hardy Fraser Economy Palkona fly rod w/ orig. soft case & aluminum tube, NIB vintage Arai bamboo fly rod in unused cond., fishing reels & lures, women's Masons memorabilia, vintage Massey-Harris poster, vintage fishing photo, pr. wall candle sconces, General Electric cast aluminum plaque (from Peterborough building), vintage metal Coke sign, wooden shoe forms, ceramic water cooler, copper water cistern, wooden plinth for sculpture, telephone table, framed sheet music, mantle clock w/ key,

MISC. brass drawer pulls & hardware, ornate electric fountain 4' tall,

ART LIST: (framed size in brackets)

1. Norval Morisseau acrylic on butcher paper of two birds & sun in frame. 34 1/4 x 23" ( 43 x 32")  to be sold with 2014 appraisal of $12,000 from  Maslak-McLoed Gallery.

  1. 2. 4 Norval Morriseau paintings on birchbark in same frame, ranging in size from 2 7/8 x 4" to 8 1/2 x 3 1/8", total frame size is 23 1/2" x 14 1/2"  to be sold with 2014 appraisal from  Maslak-McLoed Gallery.

    3. Daphne Odjig 20 3/4 x 27" ( 26 7/8 x 33 3/4") 533/250 'Western Wall Jerusalem'

    4. Don Ningewance oil on stretched canvas of eagle family on nest 47 3/8 x 36"

    5. 17 x 12 1/2" (21/4 x 203/4" Josh Kakagamic '77 of 'Fish & Loon 20/35

    6. original ink on paper Daphne Odjig 7 3/8 x 6 3/4" ( 13 1/2 x 13")

    7. Daphne Odjig original painting on pottery platter, 14 1/2" diam., Blue Mountain Pottery

    8. Daphne Odjig original painting on pottery vase, 8/ 8" tall x 5" diam., Blue Muntain Pottery

    9. Stephen Snake acrylic on board of child'sface, 23 1/2 x 17 1/4 ( 31 3/4 x 25 3/4")

    10. Gary Silverberg mixed media painting on blueprint 38 1/2" x 30 1/2" signed front and back DS /99

    11. Gary Silverberg mixed media on paper of 2 people, 'Silverberg RealEstate Ltd.' , 43 1/2 x 30 1/4"

    12. Jay Bell Redbird painting on stretched canvas over frame ' 'Moon Eagle Medicine' 2007, 30 x 24"

    13. Goyce Kakegamic serigraph 22/46 ' Moose', signed lower right. 30 x 22 1/4"

    14. Alex "Runt" Currie acrylic on board, cup of coffee, 18 x 14"

    15. Alex "Runt" Currie acrylic on board of mythical creature, 18 x 14"

    16. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of two chiefs, 22 1/2 x 30 1/4"

    17. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of a whale 12 x 15 5/8"

    18. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of a potter, 12 x 15 5/8"

    19. Richard Bedwash serigraph 10/80 'Manabush Spirit Birds', 20 x 25"

    1. 20. Richard Bedwash serigraph 138/147 'My Brothers and Me', 25 x 20"

      21. Richard Bedwash b/w serigraph 18/70 'Unity in Life', 25 1/4 x 20"

      22. Daphne Odjig black & white print of horse & sleigh, 10 x 13"

      23. Daphne Odjig black & white print of man fishing, 10 x 13"

      24. Daphne Odjig black & white print of dogsled 13 x 10"

      25. set of Norval Morrisseau limited edition prints





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      9:30 AM09:30



      ANTIQUES: hump-back trunk, 3 antique platter covers, wooden egg crate "Folding Egg Crate pat. 1905 by Boswell, Hamilton, Canada", oak wall phone, glass butter press, wooden butter churnwooden sugar mold, copper jelly molds, antique western style gun holsters w/ sterling hardware, 1928 hand tooled leather holster w/ 10 kt. gold hardware, wooden umbrella stand, copper fire extinguisher, brass umbrella stand, antique folk art lure display, barn lanterns, pine plate shelf, 9 1/2" x 6 1/2" tall cobalt blue glass hen on nest, antique china to include Chinese porcelain, basalt ware bowl with polychrome enamel birds and flowers, antique shillelagh & billy club, 2 school slates, partial antique wash set, antique figural majolica bottle (woman w/umbrella), cast iron tools, cookware, hooks, etc.,

      VINTAGE/COLLECTIBLES: vintage 6' diameter BA sign, vintage Studebaker banners, pr. red Hudson Bay blankets(4 points), vintage steamer trunk L. Mcbrine Kitchener, working 1951 Mitchell Lullaby bed-lamp radio, vintage product tins & marmalade crocks & jars, collection walking sticks, wall mount carved wooden deer w/ natural drop antlers, antler cribbage board, pine wall coal oil lamp shelf, blue enamelware tea kettle, electric banquet lamp, powder horn, doll's high chair, wind up pr. robots salt & pepper shakers, vintage pierced leather cowboy hat, split ash & cedar goose basket, 3 carved wooden mantle birds, 2 decoys, lg. pocketknife collection to include 5 cent Coca Cola promotional knives, Hot Wheels & more. 2 antique outboard motors Johnson Lynite & Neptune, kitchenalia, large amethyst crystal, vintage Life mags., reproduction tin signs to include Coke & Winchester,

      MILITARIA/RELATED: WWII military hats collection to include tanker's helmet & berets, 253 Queen's Unversity Overseas Battalion badge, hats, badges, WWII photos to include 1941 photo of 3/47th Battery at Petawawa, 1933 photo of Nassau Mills Camp 3rd Prince of Wales Canadian Dragoons (Peterborough), WWI photo of B28 Overseas Battalion Camp Hughes July 1916, powder horn, shothorn, 2 Winchester ball powder tins, Canadian Explosives Snapshot tin, bone bottle, MIP scale models to include Avro Lancaster, Solido, military postcards, WWII Air Force Insignia & Badges books, also Herbie! By Coughlin,

      Peterborough & area: 1901 photo of Peterboro Town Council, hardcover Atlas of Peterborough County, collection of local yardsticks to include 1963 International Ploughing Match, local dairy bottles, matchbook collection, Montgomery Bros. Coal thermometer (4 digit phone #), Ontario Motor Leaque metal sign & glass sign, dairy bottles to include Campbell's Dairy & Moncrieff's Dairy, Peterboro, crockery bottles to include Pink's Ginger Beer, medicine bottles to include Napanee,

      VINTAGE TOYS/GAMES: Viewmaster w/ slides to include Roy Rogers, Gene Autry & Hopalong Cassidy, antique wooden pull toy, Noddy toy w/ Big Ears & golliwog, Mickey Mouse toy, Simpsons dolls, Reliable doll baby bottle, Hot Wheels collection, all MIP, diecast trucks and cars MIP, military models, vintage gameboards, wooden dominoes,

      INDIGENOUS: 2 model birchbark canoes, one w/ paddle & quill detail, birch bark kayak, carved canoe, lg. split ash gathering basket, stone hand tools

      MISCELLANEOUS: pr. outdoor candle lanterns,


      ART: measured with framed size in brackets

      1. Norval Morisseau acrylic on butcher's paper of bird 24 x 29" (33 x 38 1/2")

      2. Daphne Odjig limited edition print 'Jaffa Gate' 42/250, 21 3/4 x 26 1/2" (29 1/4 x 33 3/4")

      3. Jackson Beardy limited edition print 'Homage to the Great Spirit' 16/50, 17 1/2 x 22 1/2" (25 1/2 x 30 1/2"), signed and dated in pencil, lower right.1980

      4. Norval Morisseau limited edition print 'Me, Rman and a cycle of ' 32 1/4 x 27 1/2"

      5. Stephen Snake oil on board, man's face, signed lower right S. Snake '96, 15 1/2 x 19 1/2" (20 1/2 x 24 1/2")

      6. Stephen Snake oil on canvas of man and spirit 16 x 20", canvas stretched over wood frame, signed lower right, S. Snake '91.

        7. pair framed b/w prints (14 x 17")of woman with pipe & (17 x 14") of two men

        8. Gary Silverberg painitng, Man with Wings 25 x 36" signed GS 1999

      1. John Scott painting of man with writingon his body 25 x 38"

        10. Gary Silverberg painting man with blue jacket 22 1/2 x 30", signed GS '99

      11. Ian Baxter 'Messaging Landscape' signed 30 x 22 1/2"

      12. Ian Baxter 'Flyer Landscape' 30 x 21 1/2"

      13. Isaac Bignell /87 of loon and sun 22 1/2 x 26 3/4"

      14. Cabiness limited edition print 'Blue Goose' 56/100 24 x 18" (Buffalo Point Reserve)

      15. Carl Beam mixed media Men and Whale 33 1/2 x 30"

      16. Richard Bedwash acrylic on paper 'Two Birds' 30 1/2 x 22"

      17. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of eagle head, 12 x 16"

      18. Carl Beam mixed media on paper of eagle in flight, 12 x 16"

      19. Daphne Odjig b/w print of fisherman, 10 x 13"

      20. Daphne Odjig print of boats, 13 x 10"

      21. Goyce Kakegamic 1977 silkcreen print 'Drumming' 59/74, 14 1/2 x 20 3/4"

      22. Lloyd Kakepekum 1982 silkscreen print of man in canoe 30 x 22 1/4"

      23. fabric applique wall hanging of drummer, felt & cotton, 14 1/2 x 18"

      24 -26 Alex "Runt" Currie's career as an artist dates back to the '80s after his handmade posters were recognized in a Queen Street bar/gallery called Cameron House. After painting the side of the popular '80s nightclub, BamBoo, and the famous rock venue, Lee's Palace, his reputation as a street artist began to prosper.

      24. acrylic on canvas of smiling worms, signed Runt, 18 x 14"

      25. acrylic on canvas of two faces, signed Runt, 18 x 14"

      26. acrylic on canvas of twofish, signed Runt, 18 x 14"

      27. kachina with black head and horns, marked on base 'Whipper Kachina' carved by Guyro J. '85, 11 1/2" tall

      28. carved and painted wooden kachina, 14 1/2" tall, marked on base "HOPI" NANO NANA TUNA GIN Anthony"

      29. carved and painted wooden kachina, 9 3/4" tall, marked on base "F.C.A. HOPI"

      30. kachina w/ feathered headdress, 12 1/2" tall, marked on base 'Haying'

      31. 'Mountain Lion Kachina', 12 3/4" tall, w/ red head and duck's bill, marked on base 'Carved by guyro J. Arizona -86-"

      32. 12" kachina w/ white mask and red ears, marked on base 'Talavi A3'

        wooden carving of bear, 20" tall, signed



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        9:30 AM09:30


        Featuring indigenous art, militaria, gas station memorabilia and MORE! 


        ANTIQUES: antique 12 drawer dentist's cabinet,cast iron beaver sign, cast iron dog boot scrape, cast iron scottie dog doorstop, corn planter, wood and glass countertop display case, 2 sided logging stamp 'X', coal oil banquet lamp, antique counter-top display case, Limoges hatpin holder, broad axe, vintage kitchen utensils, antique flail, corn planter, pr. 18" forged iron hinges, crokinole board

        MILITARIA & RELATED: militaria to include 40+ bayonets (detailed list below) and edged weapons, photos, large collection of military badges and pins to include North West Mounted Police, RCMP, WWI & II medals, badges, patches, shoulder flashes & pins, navy hatbands, military hats, medals & awards to include 1815 Prussian medal from final defeat of Napleon at Waterloo, WWI medal group awarded to W.J. Fraser, on card, WWI medal group awarded to E.E. Nicholson, 2nd Howitzer Battery, WWII bakelite cap badge from Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, 19 x15" framed picture of Avro Arrow, knives to include Korium Black Forest Germany, cast aluminum Medical Corps sign, WWI & WWII Red Cross pins, 1944 military track & field award, brass trench art military cap, reads " 1099157 CORP'L W. STANLEY FRANCE BELGIUM 1917 ", antique field telephone, framed print of man and boy ringing church bells " Peals of Victory 1945 Ardiel, Toronto ", military walking sticks, repousee antique metal powder horn, marked France, large poster on board of 'British Battles & Medals from 1793', copy of 'Canadian Badges 1920 – 1950' by Daniel Mazeas

        VINTAGE/COLLECTIBLES: memorabilia & new old stock from Shell Station in Lakefield to include 4 Spooky & Wendy 1969 12 cent comics, pen sets, postcards, 30+ lighters to include vintage Ronson promotional Shell award lighter NIB, Studio 12 lighter MIB, Sky Chief glass panel from gas pump, maps, car calendars, shaving collection to include mugs, razors, some MIB, vintage hood ornaments to include Volkswagen, Ford & more, 3 1 qt. Shell oil bottle, oil can collection, oil fillers & spouts, working Ditzler Auto Finishes thermometer, pair Gall GSW copper oil cans/fillers, vintage fountain & ballpoint pens to include Parker, Sheaffer, Cross, Papermate & more, advertising pens collection, vintage lighting to include twin desk lamp, lava lamp, pr. brass desk lamps, ball floor lamp, hand made quilts, cedar hand drum, framed Carcassonne poster, some MIB, travel clock, Coke trays & 5 oval Coke tip trays, 1920's metal car emblems to include Gray Dort, Piedmont, Chalmers Motor Co., Durant & Deluxe Motor Co., also Volkswagen hood ornaments, 3 vintage car clocks, 6 train sets (all NIB), vintage toys to include Matchbox service station, Lincoln, Ertl, Tonka, Zetor tractor with cart (exc.) 100+ diecast cars, farm equipment & trucks to include Hot Wheels Auto-City, Tonka, Canadian Tire, Eaton's & other product trucks, Sky Wings, GI Joe, toy cannon, 1950's mechanical turtle, child's tool kit, unused model kits to include Mercedes, Battlefront Four, miniature replica guns, No. 50 Hoge Junior Tommy gun, vaseline glass, carnival glass, Wade figurines, vintage pop bottles, Swiss Army knife (NIB), marbelized enamelware platter, cast iron bulldog nutcracker, Whitney Point Hudson Bay blanket, folk art carved eagle signed Jacob, vintage bean bag toss game, Ernie Scales print, Chagall reproduction 142/500, hand wrought copper floor lamp (Quebec), pinbacks, trinket boxes,vintage compacts, vintage Coleman cooler, Victoriaville Esposito hockey stick,vintage Workers Compensation First Aid kit, walking sticks collection to include..........., stamps to include 20+ first day covers, lighter collection, vintage camera collection to include bellowscameras, Blitz 35, Stellarflex, Sylvania Sun Gun, Zeiss Ikon, Argus Autronic 35, Bell & Howell Autoload, Kodak Pony, Yashica, Duaflex & more, 2 new Stanley hammers, Boy Scout badges & uniforms, collection of walking sticks, hockey posters to include Stan Makita, Henri Richard & Darryl Sittler, vintage & antique watches & pocket watches (mostly working) to include Omega, Harrian, Clarke & Son, Peterboro, Elgin Nat'l. Watch Co., Eaton, Railway Time Keepr, Waltham, Warne Bros. Regina & more,

        INDIGENOUS ART/ARTIFACTS: primitive stone hand axe, 5' wooden bow, ornate bow w/wooden pull, ornate decorated walking sticks, 7' hand carved totem pole, stone sculptures to include 6" soapstone otter, 5" owl, 15 1/2 x 8" bone sculpture of mythical creature - combination fish and eagle, 4 3/4" stone carving of mother & child, lidded quill box,

        ART LIST:

        1. 44 x 44" square X 20 1/2" tall original acrylic painting on wooden table signed Blair DeBassige

        2. 41 1/4 x 281/2" original Norval Morrisseau painting, 'Fish Totem with Balance Symbols' acrylic on butcher/craft paper.

        3. 48 1/4x 18 1/2" painting by Sokolowski

        4. 39 x 26 3/4" original painting of loon flying with mother and child, on red ground signed Archie BeaverHo, Lac la Martre NWT '96

        5. 22 1/2" x 30 1/2" Norval limited edition serigraph, 78/99 'Me and My Daughter Lisa', signed lower right

        6. 27 1/2 x 22 Daphne Odjig print signed Odjig '68

        7. 14 1/4" x 11 1/4" Jackson Beardy print of 2 geese

        8. 41 x 29 1/2" acrylic on canvas of camp being erected Sitting Wind '80

        9. 10 1/4 x 8 1/4" Norman Knott painting of 3 geese on red ground

        10. 10 1/4 x 8 1/4" Norman Knott painting of 2 herons on orange ground

        11. 22 x 29 3/4" limited edition mixed media "Family' by Carl Beam 23/400, pencil signed, lower right

        12. 36 x 30" Don Mingewance C 97 acrylic on canvas of wood ducks

        13. 49 x 39" acrylic on canvas of forest signed lower left Gita Karklins

        14. 30 x 24 1/2" watercolour on paper of forest in spring signed lower right B. Snieszko -7

        15. 37 x 31" acrylic on canvas of barn and field in early spring, signed lower left, D.A.Fales ''73

        16. 26 x 32" original watercolour of snowy landscape with birds signed M. Pigott

        17. 25 1/2 x 20" 125 anniversary signed photo engraving by Andre L'Archeveque 'Banque Nationale 1859', presented to employees in 1984.

        18. 20 x 26 1/2" Richard Bedwash serigraph 'Artist Entering the Shaking Tent' 35/98 pencil signed lower right

        19. 26 1/2" x 20" Richard Bedwash serigraph 'Unity in Life', birds in black and white, 13/70, pencil signed lower right

        20. 11 x 17" mixed media 'Blanket Culture' by Jane Ash Poitras 2001

        21. 22 x 30" Peter Banks acrylic on paper of purple sun and boats signed lower right P. Banks

        22. 22 x 30" unframed acrylic on paper of spirit fish signed Tim Restoule '80

        23. 22 x 30" b/w abstract print of fish , pencil signed lower right

        24. 10 x 13" Daphne Odjig print of pen & ink drawing on paper of old woman in chair

        25. 10 x 13" Daphne Odjig print of pen & ink drawing on paper of of horse-drawn hut

        26. 13 x10" Daphne Odjig print of pen & ink drawing on paper of of dogsled team

        27. 10 x 13" Daphne Odjig print of pen & ink drawing on paper of boy pumping water

        28. 20 x 16" Daphne Odjig print of pen & ink drawing on paper of team of horses and family.

        29. 20 x 26" limited edition print 82/320 'I Dreamed I Played Hockey with the Pope' signed lower right A. de Castro

        30. 14 x11" print on paper 'Spirit ofthe Plains' signed Maxine Noel

        31. 14 x12" oil on board of log cabin signed Georgie Moss Campbell

        32. 14 x12" oil on board of stone fence signed Georgie Moss Campbell

        33. 10 1/4 x 8 1/4'" landscape of lake scene with boats, oil on board

        34. set of 4 limited edition Norval Morrisseau collector plates depicting the four seasons, named 'Children of Mother Earth', 191/2500 all signed.

        35. 22 1/2" vintage peace pipe made of wood & moose hide with woven snake decoration (never smoked)

        36. stone sculpture 12 x 5 x 4 1/2" Isace Petaulassie serpentine polar bear signed ISACIE,

        JUST ADDED from the same collection:

        37. 64 1/4 x 46" original acrylic on canvas of a meeting of spirits by Russell Noganosh, signed lower right "NOGANOSH" with leaf, (in frame)

        38. 51 1/4 x 46" acrylic on canvas of abstract birds signed lower right, Richard MIGWANS '82 (in frame)





        1. bayonet, total length 221/2", blade 16 3/4" w/ scabbard wooden handle, dated1907

        2. bayonet w/ scabbard total length 22 1/2", blade 17" w/ sheath, dated 1907, marked Sanderson

        3. bayonet w/ scabbard total length 22 1/2", blade 163/4", wooden handle, marked w/ British claw mark and 1907, marked on handle SLAZ. 44

        4. bayonet w/ scabbard wooden handle, total length 22 3/4", blade 16 3/4", marked UTHGO 1907, marked w/ 2 - 6 pointed stars with A in them

        5. bayonet w/ scabbard, total length 22 3/4", blade 16 3/4", marked " Remington 1917 " and 24 US with flaming bomb mark, leather scabbard marked " Mangrovite '42 "

        6. bayonet total 23 1/2", blade length 15 3/4", w/ scabbard & leather belt loop, marked ??? Argentino 1891, also marked Weyersberg Kirschbaum Solingen

        7. bayonet w/ scabbard, total length 20 3/4, blade length 15 5/8", marked with four interwining circles

        8. bayonet w/ scabbard and belt hanger, total length 21 1/2" blade length 14 1/2", marked Waffenfabrik Mauser-A.G. Oberndorf a.N.

        9. bayonet w/ scabbard total length 21 3/4", 3 edged blade 17 1/4" length

        10. bayonet w/ scabbard total length 17 7/8", blade length 11 7/8" marked Alex. Koppel

        11. bayonet w/ scabbard & belt hanger, total length 16 1/2". blade length 10 1/8", marked Ross Rifle Comapany Quebec Patented 1907, stampedwith British claw mark

        12. bayonet in scabbard w/ belt hanger, total length 16", blade 10 1/4", Ross Rifle Co. Patented 1907.

        13. bayonet w/ scabbard & belt hanger total length 16 1/2" blade 9 7/8", marked 42 fnj,

        14. bayonet w/ scabbard total length 15 7/8", blade 9 7/8", marked Elite-Diamant, scabbard marked "Mundlos 39"

        15. bayonet w/ scabbard, total length 16", blade 9 5/8", marked "cqh 40" also marked GEBR. HELLER 1938

        16. bayonet w/ scabbard & belt hanger, total length 15 3/8", blade length 8 3/8", steel handle marked No. 1745 blade marked EJ & crown & anchor AB 956

        17. bayonet w/ scabbard, total length 13 1/4", blade length 8", no marks on blade

        18. fighting knife in scabbard with belt hanger total length 15 1/4", blade length 6 5/8", marked w/ British claw on metal handle

        19. bayonet w/ scabbard w/ hanger total length 12 7/8", blade length 6 1/2", no marks on blade

        20. bayonet w/ scabbard & belt hanger, total length 12 3/4", blade length 8", no marks

        21.fighting knife w/ scabbard & belt hanger, total length 13 1/4, blade length 6 5/8", marked "7" on blade

        22. fighting knife scabbard & belt hanger, total length 12 3/4", blade length 5", marked Wilkinson Sword MD Stewart, also marked FS Fighting Knife

        23. stack handle knife in sheath, total length 12 3/4", blade length 7", no marks

        24. stack handle bayonet w/ scabbard & hanger , total length 12 1/4", blade length 6 1/4", scabbard marked USM 8

        25. bayonet w/ scabbard & hanger, total length 13 1/8", blade length 5 7/8", unmarked blade,scabbard marked 5998

        26. knife in sheath, 10 1/2 total , blade length 5 3/8 , marked Solingen Made in Germany 1978

        27. bayonet w/ scabbard, leather belt and hanger, total length 16", blade length 9 7/8", marked CE over WG, scabbard marked w/ eagle & CE over WG

        28. bayonet w/ scabbard total length 11 1/2", blade length 8", marked w/ British claw mark

        29. withdrawn

        30. bayonet, total length 20 1/8", blade length 16", marked US also SA 1918 w/ flaming bomb image

        31. bayonet w/ 3 sided blade, total length 18 3/4", blade length 15 3/4", marked 23

        32. bayonet, total length 15", blade length 9 3/4", marked fjh, 33. bayonet, total length 12 3/8", blade length 8"marked No. 7 MK I/L

        34. bayonet, total length 14 1/2, blade length 10" marked Ross Rifle Co. Patented 1907

        35. bayonet, total length 12", blade length 8", marked 1947

        36. bayonet total length 11 7/8", blade length 7 7/8", marked 1956

        37. knife, total length 10 1/2", blade 7 3/4", marked "Hecho em Oaxaca"

        38. bayonet w/ scabbard & hanger, total length 15 3/4", blade length 9 7/8", marked 7293M

        ......also Woodsmans Pal Victor Tool Co. Reading Pennsylvania, Limb Trim & hunting knives

        and so much more!

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        9:30 AM09:30



        Featuring 35 Indigenous Canadian works of art; see detailed list below, also partial estate of Lakefield family, over 120 years in the area

        ANTIQUES: hand made tools, two man saws, hay forks, coal oil lamps, sealers, wooden product boxes to include Singer, Forcite, Blasto & more, 8' oak drugstore display cabinet, antique decoys to include Lacasse, Quebec, 12 1/2" broad head axe, brass Carrie Nation's hatchet, 2 Bancroft Dairy wax milk cartons, antique children's skis & poles, antique powder horn, antique bird shot bag, CPR railroad lamp, 3 sets lg. antique wooden clamps, antique corn planter,

        COLLECTIBLES & VINTAGE: 8 1/4" Moorcroft vase, vintage advertising to include porcelain Texaco Sky Chief sign, B & A 88 sign (as found), vintage Coke cooler, & cooler bag & Coke sign (36 cents a carton), vintage product tins to include honey, PicobacTobacco, vintage ring toss & beanbag games & game boards, vintage lighters to include Zippo w/ box, Macdonald Tobacco Inc., Niagara Falls Zippo, Ronson, Japan, Penguin's Whirlwind & more, brass belt buckles to include Winchester, Ampersand & Red Man, 100+ die-cast cars, trucks & trains to include Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tonka, Ertl, Maisto, Road Legends, Redbox, Liberty Classics, American Muscle vintage fire call box, hand made quilts, collection of sterling silver ladies' jewelry to include rings, earrings & pendants, some sets, 2-sided street sign SPICER, metal church bell, April & May 1948 issues of Sports Afield, circular hooked rug of farmhouse in winter, Antique & vintage camera collection to include Polaroid Land Camera 95b, Eastman Kodak Optimo Wollensak Optical Co. Pat June 14, 1910, Monroe Camera Co. Rochester NY bellows camera, Kodak Vigilant Six 20, Toronto, Ontario, Brownie Target 6-20, Canada, Kodak #116 Brownie 2-A , Toronto, Agfa Box Spezial, w/ case, brown Kodak box camera , Agfa box camera w/ case, Brownie Holiday Flash, Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Camera Flash Model, Kodak Duaflex III w/ Kodet lens, Beacon by Whitehouse Products, Brooklyn, NY, Clix De Luxe Metropolitan Industries, Chicago, Ansco Commader bellows camera, large collection of Canadian & US coins to include 1850 half penny bank token, 100+ Canadian silver dimes, 100 + Canadian silver 50 cent pcs., silver quarters, 27 Canadian silver dollars, 23 Canadian nickel dollars, US silver quarters, silver & nickel dollars, 8 wooden nickels, 150+ Canadian pennies dating from 1920, US 1888 & 1905 penny, world coins, trade dollars & more, Shell Lakefield gas & oil memorabilia to include Kendall Motor Oil Key Chek, gasstation cans to include Motomaster, Kendall, B & A, Fina, Shell, Quaker State, Sunoco, Texaco, Hydra Flo, Super 22, Hot-Shot Antifreeze, 5 gal. Pennzoil can, Penn-Rad oil can, Speedie Rubber Repair Kit, complete Genuine Supertite Bicycle repair kit, S imperial qt. oil bottle, 2 mint Texaco women's washroom key fobs, pairs of Ontario license to include 1956-59, 1971 & 76 , maps, Canadian Tire 50th Anniversary gas pump coin bank, Sherrin Australian football, 2 books of 1950's 45 RPM records, radios to include 1949 Zenith bakelite table radio model G615, Transistor Seven radio Made in Holland, General Electric Model C121, 1948 RCA Little Master III A, Korting 5 band radio, Phillips Electronics Rogers Majestic Model R2UA & more, rotating bullet-shaped counter display/ dispenser for 22 bullets, vintage flashlight & bicycle lamps, to include 2 Ash Flash, Burgess Eveready Captain, Ray-O-Vac Sportsman, convex glass & more, collection of 45 folding & fishing knives to include Gerber, Buck, Khyber, 3 ladies compacts, militaria to include WWI service medals awarded to DVR T. B. Hayes WWII sets of service medals, 100's of WWI & II badges & pins & so much more

        ART LIST (all sizes include frames)

        1. 25 1/4 x 25 1/4"original Norval Morrisseau painting acrylic on craft paper of two birds, signed

        2. 22 x 16" original Norval Morrisseau painting, acrylic on canvas of dragonflies signed front left*

        acrylic on canvas

        3. 21 x 48" acrylic on canvas 'Island Birds' signed front and back Benjamin Mageesic

        4. 28 1/2 x 24 3/4" framed limited edition black and white serigraph 'Hands of Friendship' 95/200, signed Beau Dick '86

        5. 30 x 24" acrylic on board painting by Sokolowski red white and black, signedlower right 'SokoLowski '89 (unframed)

        6. 16 x 20 1/4" Artist proof serigraph of bird in flight in pencil, ' The Flight' Goyce Kakegamic '99 6/6

        7. 33 x 47" large silk screen print 'Swallow Woman' signed Duke Redbird Dec. 1 2006

        8. 19 1/4 x 17 1/4 handmade screen print reproduction of painting by Roy Thomas 'Thunderbirds in flight' 23/70

        9. 24 x 19 1/4 framed handmade screen print repro of painting 'Bear on Drum' by Saul Williams

        10. 25 1/2 x 29" small edition serigraph of birds, in pencil on the bottom, 'Eskimo Western Arctic 1972 Spring Frolic' signed in pencil, Helen Kalvak 43/50' Holman Studio watermark

        11. 25 1/4 x 31 1/2" framed painting of multi-coloured blue heron, by Richard Hunt, unsigned on front

        12. 29 1/8 x 22 unframed acrylic on paper by Richard Bedwash '95

        of 2 birds

        13. 12 1/4 x 10 1/4" acrylic on board signed Norman Knott

        14. 12 x 16" Carl Beam pink mixed media on paper, signed lower right

        15. 12 x 16" Carl Beam pale violet mixed media on paper, signed lower right

        16. 15 x 22 1/2" painting acrylic on paper of eagle lower right, signed Calvin Morin

        17. 15 x 21" acrylic on board of First Nations chief with mountains in background, signed Calvin Morin

        18. 17" diameter ink drawing on stretched doeskin by Kakegamic

        19. 30 1/2" x 24 3/4 framed landscape of river, acrylic on board signed lower right (illegible)

        20. 20 1/2 x 17" framed Marjorie Dickinson mixed media of butterfly and iris

        21. 16 1/4" x 20 1/4 framed Glen Loates print of bluejays signed M.G. Loates

        22. 18 1/2 x 23" framed Glen Loates print of cardinals signed M.G. Loates

        23. 17 x 24 3/4" framed street scene in pen, ink and markers

        24. 11 x 15" Morrisseau Art Publishing print of herd of buffalo w/ embossed signature. (unframed)

        25. 11 x 15" Morrisseau Art Publishing print of flock of birds w/ embossed signature.

        26. 11 x 15" Morrisseau Art Publishing print of a boy with birds w/ embossed signature.

        27. 19" tall x 22" length X 14" deep mixed media sculpture of mythical creature made of stone, antler, tortoiseshell & human hair

        28. enamel on glass sculpture loon signed G. Fiddler

        29. glass sculpture of wolf and eagle signed G. Fiddler

        30. glass sculpture of blue heron in flight signed HC

        31. glass sculpture of 2 bears signed G. Paul


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        9:30 AM09:30




        ANTIQUES: hoosier cabinet, hump backed trunk, #3 cast iron school bell w/ original mount & yoke (C.S. Bell, Ohio) 4 antique beds, 2 cast iron w. brass finials, 1 brass, full wheel cheese cutter (Coe Hill cheese Factory), WWI framed death certifiate, sad irons, decoys, pail benches 2x, oxen yokes, leather horse collar & hames, 3 hayforks, snowshoes, spinning wheel, wool winder, antique carpenter's chest full of antique tools, milk bottles and sealers, milk can, cream can, milk pail, 2 copper boilers w/lids, 2 wooden tool chests full of primitive, handmade & antique logging & carpenter's tools to include handmade scribes, logging stamps (Rathbun Lake & #4), spokeshaves, block planes, molding & finishing planes, saw set, levels, Stanley 71 1/2 router, oil lamps to include Embury #2 Air Pilot w/ red globe, Monarch #50 lamp, hoosier w/ flour sifter & sugar dispenser, crocks to include pickle crock w/ lid, 8 gal. Butter churn, finger crocks, working decoys, butter press & paddle, pr. Wool carders, 4 ft. diameter spinning wheel, washstand, painted washstand w/ towel racks,2 pail benches, one in original green paint, hames, whiffletrees, yokes, scythes, leather horse collar, sheep shears, 3 handmade side chairs (attributed to Tommy Johns, Apsley), antique wall clock, Victor tooth trap, glass washboards, wooden Comfort Soap bag dolly, mirrors to include oval mirror, ornate dresser mirror, gilded frame mirror, pr. cast iron & wood school desks, grain scale, Planters Peanuts glass store counter jar, kitchen items to include candy thermometer, Wagner cast iron kettle, stainless steel kettles, wooden mop wringer, cast iron sausage maker & kettles, wooden doll pram w/ cast iron wheels, milk tester bottles, Galt Dairy bottle, wooden skis, brass kickplate, oval Waverly cast iron cook stove, farm phone set, oak Northern Electric wall phone, wooden violin case, upholstered organ stool, wooden cradle, Coe Hill cheese factory 'Templeton cheese cutter, oak pressback swivel stool, antique car horn, sealers dating from 1858, cheese boxes, 2 wash sets to nclude Crown Devon, Redskin Brand brass spittoon, brownware pudding basin & platter, pr. Chinese blanc-de-chine figurines, milk and cream cans to inlcude Lakefield Dairy & Dominion Dairies, lg. industrial cream can w/lid, antique sealers to include Ball, Atlas Mason, Jewel Jar, Perfect Seal & more, coal oil lamps to include Prisco #2 & more

        FIRST NATIONS: 3 First Nations hand carved wooden masks, 8 1/2"w. x 10 1/2" tall x 8 1/2" deep red Iroquois Boogy Mask signed Jacob E. Thomas & " 11 1/2"w x 13 1/2" tall painted false face mask, 14" carved cedar eagle mask, split ash pelt basket, small carving of bird signed R. Peterkin, snowshoes, bone carving of caribou, beaded wall pocket, beaded pin cushion, sm. black composite totem pole, stone seal sculpture 11 1/2" long x 5 1/2" tall, stone bird carving, carved stone bird thermometer signed DIMU, 3 tamarack twig birds,

        VINTAGE/COLLECTIBLES: metal signs to include 3 x 5' Coke sign, 2 Silverwood's Big Dip signs, 2-sided Dominion Automobile Association Service Depot metal flange sign, Master Feeds sign, Eze-Orange sign, Radioline child's wheelbarrow, NHL collectibles to include 4 signed NHL hockey sticks, (1. signed by Billy Harris, 2. signed by Mats Sundin, 3. signed by entire Maple Leafs team, Wendell Clark, captain, 4. signed by ?, also signed pucks, 1965 uncut strip of Boston Bruins Coke hockey cards, stunning green dripware vase, wooden product boxes to include Champion tractor seat box, Vita, Blasto dynamite & tea box from Napanee, product tins to include 50 lb. galvanised lard pail, honey tins, coffee, peanuts, lard & potato chips, Coke trays, passage sets to include one w/ amethyst glass doorknobs, also ceramic & clear glass doorknobs, pine corner cabinet, wooden telephone table, measuring tapes, mid-century modern metal magazine rack/table, porcelain towel racks, oak teacher's chair, wooden school desk, art deco hall table w/ drawer, brass blowtorch, turned wooden floor lamp, advertising to include Back Watch Chewing Tobacco sign (10 cents), Coke tree ornaments, wooden money box, copper Blizzard sprayer, Lucky Sprayer, vintage suitcases, Mary Gregory vase, Park Bubbling Lamps w/ box, Molson beer tray, Lakefield souvenir pipe holder, Medalta yellow ware pitcher, wooden child's rocker, uncut sheet of 1965 Coca Cola Boston Bruins cards, fire extinguishers to include copper Pyrene extinguisher, pr. Brass extinguishers, painted mirrored dresser, Marconi table radio, photos & postcards, washtubs, turned wood bed, stretch glass, blue glass purse, lava lamp MIP, Hutschenreuther porcelain parrots (Germany), ceramic eagle figure, carved wooden rearing winged unicorn 6 1/2' tall, ECO oil spout, vintage Union Jack, rice bags potato bags

        VINTAGE TOYS & GAMES: lg. collection of toys & children's items to include Marx dollhouse, Wheelmaster roller coaster (wagon & track), Fisher-Price to include wooden circus, clock & radio toys, children's multi-coloured records to include many vintage Disney titles w/ original sleeves, ..........., Scouting belt, hat & pouch, 15 cent Monkees magazine, Roy Rogers sash, spurs & holster, official Davy Crockett belt buckle & yellow record, vintage horse rocker, wooden bird target game, world globes, wooden blocks, vintage bicycle bells, clown costume, microscope, blackboard, height chart, toy boats & cars, vintage pond boat, Daisy air rifle, Canadian Logs set, Senior Tinker Toy set, Barbie items include camping set, Tonka loader & firetruck, tambourine, riding toys, parachute sets, cowboys & horses, kazoos & noisemakers, piggybanks to include Bick's Pickles bank, Porky Pig bank, Aylmer soup tin bank & more, lithographed tin pail & shovel, tin dollhouse w/ furniture, vintage Ring Toss game in pkg., collection of 50+ beanie babies to include Macdonald's MIP, vintage Merrythought teddy bear,


        VINTAGE FISHING/OUTDOORS: cast steel game scale, oval bait bucket w/ liner, maple sap buckets, spiles to include handmade wooden spiles, cast iron spiles & more, large wooden burls, early deck chairs, 13 ft. Sportsbuddy canoe, fountains, metal andcast lawn ornaments, outdoor lights, metal ice cream table w/ 2 chairs, metal bicycle plant stand, birdhouses, knife collection (all with original sheaths all in exc. condition) to include Boker Combat Smatchet signed Rex Applegate & W. Fairbairn, Solingen Germany, cold steel Carbon V Gurka Kukri made in USA,, BK & T Brute knife Camillus (N.Y., USA),  San Juan Mountains Colorado Timberline Emerson/Neeley SPECWAR knife Gerber --Mark II knife M8691S (Portland, ORE., USA), Boker 440C stainless knife signed Rex Applegate & W. Fairbairn, marked 2494 on guard, Solingen Germany.,  1996 Gerber Combat Folder, blade signed Rex Applegate & W. E. Fairbairn (1st production run), made in USA

        MORE TO COME!

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        9:30 AM09:30


        JUST ADDED: collection of First Nations art to include paintings by Norval Morriseau, Christian Morriseau, Norman Knott, Noganosh, also Clemence Wescoupe, Carl Beam, Daphne Odjig & more! See below for detailed art list.

        ANTIQUES: Nitto antique portable phonograph, antique bellows on stand (Lancashire), pewter serving pieces, 1910 photo of Queens Own Rifles, antique golf clubs to include 2 wooden drivers & 1 mashie, oak cart for glassworks factory, set of four needlepoint seat chairs, 3 balloonback chairs, china cabinet, Jacobean magazine rack, pie crust table, pr.glass-top tables, antique gentleman's dresser, serpentine-front dresser w/ mirror, painted white nightstand, ornate nightstand, antique dressing table,

        COLLECTIBLES/VINTAGE: 1930's Peterborough fire truck hood, hand painted w/ gold flake,advertising to include vintage Red Indian Aviation Oil porcelain sign, 2 Red Indian oil cans, 25 lb. McColl Frontenac grease pail (marked M.M. Co.), 3 pressed oil cans Red Indian, Blue Star & Veedol, gas station battery rack, vintage Bell Telephone porcelain sign, (18" sq.), shortening pail, 6 lb. Silver Gloss starch tin, 2 Napa Batteries signs, 8 wooden signs to include 5 golf signs, collection of Pelham puppets, most w/ original boxes to include old lady, old man, father, guitar player, Mitzi, Bengo the bulldog, poodle, wolf and Donald Duck puppet, also 12 hand puppets, Tweety Bird, Sylvester & Woody Woodpecker, vintage & reproduction toys to include wind-up robot, cars, 1981 Wallce Berrie smurf toys, pond boat, windups, lithographed tin cars w/ original boxes, 5 yo-yos MIP (Hong Kong) 12 Star Wars scatter pins (1977), dollhouse furniture, Barbies & accessories, vintage Merrythought teddy bear, die cast trucks,musical instruments to include Harmony electric guitar, set Dixon bongo drums & assorted hand percussion instruments, vintage carnival glass lampshade, brass table, brass candelbra, horse brasses, signed art glass vase, carved chess set, vintage quilts & hand loomed blankets, large hand carved wooden goose, 2 NHL collections to include Jacques Plante scrapbook & Habs scrapbook, 2 CCM Habs pullover sweaters ( med. & lg.), folk art cupboard made from nail keg, hand carved wooden lamp signed Berthier, vintage pond boat (Seifert-boot, Germany), vintage folk art weathervane (helicopter shape), folk art model Titanic, chrome hood ornament collection to include 1948-51 Dodge Ram, 1940's Packard swan, White's truck rearing horse, 1951 Ford Mercury, & 1952 & 54 Chevrolet &1957 Chevrolet hood ornament(overpainted red), vintage Harmony electric guitar H80TMNU, vintage glass to include Pyrex mixing bowl set (bright colours), 4 Fire King tulip bowls, polka dot mixing bowls, 4 vintage decoys to include lg. Mason decoy, Peterborough fire truck hood w/ gold leaf & paint, vintage Buick grill, brass Lincon Works plate,repurposed coat rack, framed copy of the Magna Carta 24 3/4 x 32 1/2", nursing rocker

        BOATS: 13 ft. fibreglass Cadorette canoe, 13 ft. handmade cedar strip canoe (Six Nations, Ont.)

        FURNITURE: vintage oak roll-top desk, hall bench w/ mirror, teak dining room suite w/ table, six chairs, sideboard & buffet, 2 prs. boots size 7 hand- made Mexican & Texan, maple adjustable stool, art books,

        FIRST NATIONS: 8 ft. Hand carved totem pole, 2 18" diameter decorated hand drum (Haida), one signed Jay Bell Redbird, lidded sweetgrass basket, beaded pin cushion, beaded pouch, 3 kachina dolls, many works of art (see below),

        ART: (detailed list of Canadian collection below) McConkey19th century chromolithograph 'In Quiet Prayer' by True & Co., Augusta, Maine, hooking of cat in frame, signed F.A. Armstrong, 1980, Cuban painting from Holguin area,


        Clooney Kidman The Peacemaker

        Thomas Jane Keanu Reeves The Last Time I Committed Suicide

        Pierce Brosman Linda Hamiltom Dantes Peak

        Jackie Chan Operation Condor

        Jodie Foster Matthew McConaughey Contact

        Directors Cut Spawn

        Howard Stern Private Parts

        Mark Wahlberg Lou Diamond Phillips The Big Hit

        Steven King Children of the Corn

        Denis Quaid Dany Glover Switch Back

        Morgan Freeman Ashley Judd Kiss the Girls

        Daniel Day Lewis Emily Watson The Boxer

        Denzel Washinton John Goodman Fallen

        Dustin Hoffman Robert DeNiro Wag the Dog

        Leslie Nielson Mr Magoo Half Baked

        Peter Atkins Wishmaster

        Mira Sorino Mickey Rourke Mimic 9 ½ weeks

        Matt Damon Jon Voight John Grisham’s The Rainmaker

        Robin Shou Taisa Soto Mortal Kombat

        Wesley Snipes One Night Stand


        ART LIST : all sizes include frames

        1. 29 3/4 x 22" framed Norval Morriseau original painting on canvas signed front and back 1976

        2. 20 1/4" x 15 3/4" painting on canvas ' Ancestral Shaman Gifts' signed Bret & Christian Morriseau

        3. 16 x 20" painting on canvas ' Spritual Grandfather' Christian Morriseau 2006

        4. 15 x 20" Norman Knott unframed painting on board 'The Thunderbird Taunts the Eagle' sgned WOB SHKIS IDMKWA, lower right and 'Norman Knott' on the back

        5. 11 1/2 x 15 7/8" unframed signed Carl Beam mixed media of First Nations man w/ embossed seal read 'CARL BEAM ORIGINAL WORK', pencil signed

        6. 11 1/2 x 15 7/8" unframed signed Carl Beam mixed media of girl w/ embossed seal read 'CARL BEAM ORIGINAL WORK', pencil signed

        7. 11 1/4 x 14 1/4" framed Daphne Odjig silkscreen print of parents with baby, 'Pride' signed "Odjig / 79"

        8. 18 3/4 X 26" framed original painting of black and blue loon signed Eddie Kakepetum

        9. 20 1/2 x 16 1/4" painting of squirrel signed "SokoLowski / 98"

        10. 12 3/4 x 21 5/8" watercolour painting of mother and child signed " E. Waboose / '99 "

        11. 59 1/2 x 30 1/2" painting on canvas of dream-like scene signed lower right NOGANOSH

        12. 20 x 25" serigraph 11/80 titled "'Nanabush Spirit Birds' signed Richard Bedwash

        13. 18" diameter painted drum signed Jay Bell Redbird (small tear)

        14. 16 x 13 1/2" framed print 'Lost From Flock' signed " Clemence Wescoupe /78 "

        15. 13 1/4 x 16 1/2" framed print 'Separation' signed " Clemence Wescoupe/79 "

        16. 9 1/2 X 12" framed b/w print of dancer c. 1991 Rick Noname

        17. 9 1/2 x 12" framed b/w print 'Raven' by " Christopher Harvey Chambaud 2000 "

        18. 15 3/4 x 20" painting on canvas of First Nations woman signed " White Loon '90 "

        19. 20 1/2 x 16 1/2" framed oil on canvas of Kensington Market signed Globe (Joseph Globe)

        20. 24 x 30 1/4" unframed painting of blue and yelow oval signed lower right, " Peter Banks /99 "

        21. 24 x 30 1/4" unframed painting of ofabstract ship at sunset signed " Peter Banks / 99 "

        22. 24 1/2 x 20" framed oil on board of autumn landscape signed lower right, Maxine Krick

        23. 25 x 20 3/4" oil on board painting of seaside scene signed (illegible) (Westpoint, Maine)

        24. 24 1/4 x 22 3/4" painting of mountain road signed Johann Greeff

        25. 29 x 22 1/2" framed watercolour of red barn in winter signed " Rosemary Rees '79."

        26. 17 1/2 x 15 1/2" framed oil on board of river scene signed " Boulanger '78 "

        27. 30 1/4 x 24 ' framed painting of country scene with cows signed lower centre GANDPA KINSLEY

        28. 26x 22" framed landscape of country scene with child and swans signed McConkey



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