About Us

Wally James, Auctioneer

Wally James, Auctioneer

Wally James was born in Woodstock, Ontario, the heart of auction country. He is a married father of three and has made his home in Apsley for more than 30 years.

Fueled by a lifelong passion for antiques and collectibles, Mr. James became a qualified auctioneer in 2005. Since then he has owned and operated Apsley Auctions, an auction service focusing on selling unique, unusual and rare items. 

In 2019 we recognize the value of employing a wide variety of marketing strategies to promote your items. Electronic marketing and social media are keys to publicizing our sales. For every auction we market to the world through 7 specialized auction websites, auction newspapers in addition to 6 local publications and our own Facebook page. 

We offer free expert consultation, helping you to identify the current market value of your goods. Through identification, research and promotion we maximize the return on your items. 

If an auctioneer with honesty, integrity and expertise is what you need, contact Wally James.